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  1. Interesting that he said he's hoping jv will score 15 goals for Vancouver.....they way he said it tells me they have him penciled in barring any hiccups.....also spoke highly of tuomo ruutu ..
  2. Man without JV in the lineup I don't see this forward group competing with the big western teams
  3. Hmm i hope they decide to air utica games. watch....looks like a fun team this year.
  4. Haha this ^^^
  5. Quick....let's get the oldestsoftest free agent we can and over pay him....that'll show everyone vrbata 2.0
  6. I literally turned the draft off because im sick to my stomach. Thanks for this jim/trevor way to appeal to the fans. No...forget it...not the fans...for passing on an offensive superstar with heart and grit. WOW
  7. wow...this is bs. we passed on tkachuck. Not gonna be a popular move Jim....
  8. sooo mad right tkachuck
  9. Nice term nice cap hit.....nice deal GMJB
  10. Dude...all team systems are has a massive impact on the game.....teams don't win with bad coaching
  11. Wait...did ron McLean just compliment burrows? Crazy.....pretty classy move during what could be burrs last season.
  12. On a side note I'm a huge Higgins fan. I'd take him over any one of Vey, Etem or even Jared mcann for his positional play, defensive ability and even his 18 goals....(last year) He works hard every shift and has a great attitude. If it was only his injury slowing him be happy to have him on the third line.
  13. Isnt this the understatement of the year...for top 6 minutes, and tons of powerplay time...Vey is hugely under achieving. Its actually laughable at this point....
  14. Frig...frustrating how we play such a great game...chemistry everywhere....oops injury..quick lets change all the lines and get mad at our players for looking out of sync. Willy...stop shaking your head....unless its at yourself...
  15. Willy's team? Ok, for sure...I don't mind him as much as the rest of the media/fanbase for the short term. But he looks like he's crumbling a bit from the pressure and stress of the bigs. He lacks the presence and edge necessary to be anything but a transition coach. So yes...absolutely I would take Marc different than the draft....he is the best coach available.