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  1. It doesnt really take all that much to do a little research. 3 to 4 weeks of healing time for the most mild cases not including rehab. This will get you to and from the couch to get a glass of milk. To be able to compete at a high level as a professional athlete there is rehab AND practice time. If you can't work your lower body for a month. You can't just go back in and expect to perform. 6 to 8 weeks to get back to zero. Id have to check....but i think there is only about a month and a half of hockey left in the regular season. Though im no expert......
  2. dude when was the last time you had surgery and a month later you were 100 percent elite athlete form? He's clearly out for the remainder of the season.
  3. You may get your wish if we miss the playoffs again. Someones head will roll. Though from what we know about Babcock hes probably not the right answer.
  4. Omg hughes and pearson in the same sentence.? I dont negotiate with comedians...
  5. I like the idea. Id honestly do pearson one to one if i could. Rather have simmonds grit for the playoffs and free up pearsons cash next season. Lord knows we'll need the space next year. Doubt we'll be resigning him anyway.
  6. Yeaht that was last game against calgary and marky let in 3 goals on 11 shots. He's lost 3 in a row. Why Demko is not in net I have no idea.
  7. I honestly think three of those guys arent NHL players on a good team. People wont like that but this gift wrapping of a third line center spot to a 24 year old who can't produce does not sit well with me. He's not a prospect at that age...he is what he is. Never been a Gaud fan. Average points per season for a third line center is 38.5 . Gaud is on on pace for maybe 32. Not as bad as I thought maybe...but nothing to write home about. Anyway to me, as a third line center, you have to be able to check, play on the PK and maybe rough it up a bit. His size and skill set lends itself more to a 2nd line center...from which he is miles away....I would be willing to move on from him before we have to pay him any money....
  8. Lol thank you ever so much for reinforcing my previous quotes. I was soooo mad when I saw no pushback...
  9. Dude he plays every first unit power play shift and hasnt looked good in months. Jake can score on the third line why can't Brock? I love the guy but something is wrong with him that has nothing to do with ice time.
  10. Yes,....Crosby has fought quite a few times.. The others well...simply not physical players. I was just so frustrated when this went down. I played hockey and even in bantom if a smaller skilled player was hit with a cheap shot we didnt even think about it. You went to his defence immediately specifically told not too by the coach. This is a coaching philosophy that will simply not work in thee playoffs.
  11. THIS ^^^^^ honestly I blame the coach. I like Green but he has said many times he doesnt believe in retribution or fighting. Its his message thats making us soft. If this was up to the players....things would be different.
  12. I'm not saying its his alone. No body else stepped up and he's the Captain, the leader of our team. If your boss goes out and takes one for the team you damn sure better follow suit if you want to keep your job. Am I wrong?
  13. Fair enough....but i remember clearly when Daniel Sedin got rocked by Kadri and a 31 year old Janick Hansen skated as fast as he could to fight Kadri....Didnt even hesitate. Im sorry but Bo should have gone up to that guy first shift and challenged him. I watch alot of hockey and this is the norm for any other team.
  14. Just read coach Greens interview on the Petterson hit. He spouts off about the refs not holding players accountable for late hits to star players blah blah blah.... Ok about you grow some balls and show other teams that it is not ok to run out star players over and over!!! Fighting is legal!! There was no point last night when I thought we might win that game...perfect opportunity to push back and show the league we stand up for eachother. If we make the playoffs Hughes, petterson and Boesser are going to be targets imidiately....we don't stand a chance if we tuck out tails between our legs like this....Im so mad....and embarrassed. Bloody pitiful