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  1. Subban may surprise you...he hits hard and has an edge to his game. Plays a lot heavier that Stetch...
  2. Raymond had a 25 goal season....Megna in 28 games has 6 points.... Comparing him to Raymond is ridiculous.....You could compare him to Vey but even Linden was significantly better than Megna. Where is Vey playing now? We are literally playing someone who sucks worse than Vey, who can't crack an NHL roster, on our top lines and pp units. In 30 years ive never seen this happen in hockey for more that a few games. WTF
  3. What's really sad.....he's significantly worse than vey...
  4. Us? Id sign him for 2 more years to captain our 4th line. What a great role model for youngsters. Id rather have him at 37 than any one of the 3 we currently use.....
  5. It was more like a prayer than a question.... yes I read that but it still doesn't answer the question of riding Megna with almost no production when you have two point producers waiting for a shot. I think Karen Serman said it best this morning on the radio...something like " willie isn't so much going with the guys he thinks will produce but going with guys he feels wont make mistakes" This is a perfect summary of Willies entire outlook. Timid, conservative hockey. We're like the kid who gets his lunch money stolen and acts like its normal. We need an alpha to run this team....tired of the beta attitude.
  6. Omg Megna....really. I'd say he's a vey 2.0 but even he produced more offence. This one really has me stumped....4 points with significant minutes in 31 games. Boucher has more offensive production at the pro level......just....why willie....WHY!!!
  7. haha snap.... Look I know its a tad on the negative side. I do have the right as a fan to like or dislike certain players or coaching styles. I don't think Edler is giving his all, I'm ever so glad Stetcher has replaced him on the power play. Edlers drift and shoot into shin pads was getting a tad old. Willie's deployment of his troops has been questioned by almost every analyst on radio, tv and print. You have to admit its absolutely mind boggling at times. Based on these things....I wont be particularly disappointed when one or both move on to other opportunities. Is that better?
  8. It's true.... They're winning IN SPITE of coaching. Two things I am looking forward to. A new head coach and Alex Edler moving on.
  9. Yeah... #Crow
  10. Man am I tired of elders coast and shoot....every time....never gets through
  11. Well, lets not get crazy. Donald was a true massive heavy weight....Labate isn't nearly as big. But he is a high energy crash and back guy which is going to be great to watch if any thing. Dale weisse 2.0?
  12. Alex "kitten" Grenier has already had several shots. Unfortunately doesn't play to his size. Like a big Mayson Raymond with out the speed....or scoring ability...or ...k well maybe he's not like Raymond. Taylor Pyatt with out the pretty eyes?
  13. You may have confidence in Willie Jim....but the fans paying for your team don't. Wake up sir.... Man I'm grumpy before my coffee....
  14. This ^^^^ Look at Pitts last year.... terrible start...changed coach...won the cup. Systems and coaching style make a massive difference. Look at todd mclellan in Edmonton. Sure they have McJesus but they have the same team they've had for years....Todd has turned them around...tough love?