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  1. Gino Odjik Donald Brashere Tiger Williams Tom Sestito Rick Rypien
  2. Good signing. This makes me happy on a Thursday afternoon with Gary dropped your tuna sandwich...
  3. Hmm...I like where you're going with this...
  4. #Virtanen
  5. I think you are selling the fan base short here sir. Yes there are a few high school types making fun....but the majority can see this man is nothing but an average rookie coach. His deployment is head scratching...not just to us...but to a dozen or so long term professional analysts. He is slow to react to in game coaching changes made by the other team and his love of a defensive system in the face of constant negative results has reduced the crowd in the building significantly. This is why there is hate. He will be fired and replaced with an experience coach. Three years from now lets re hash this thread and see.
  6. No Success? Somebody else tell him....I'm sleepy
  7. No he was a fairly prominent analyst for a long time...sort of faded away the last five if your wont remember him.
  8. Hmm...I suddenly feel better about everything. New speed and skill and now a couple of banger crashers that can fight and score. Bring back Guddy.... Should be fun to watch. IF!!!!!! Willie wakes up and plays with some damn conviction. God his system is painful....
  9. WOW..Larsen over Subban..... Looks like Larsen is the furture of our organization folks....buckle up.
  10. Agreed...I think itll go the way of the Mighty ducks....Now its just Anaheim Ducks....Vegas Knights....
  11. Baer didn't even have the puck...this was predatory obviously.....
  12. Omg willie shake things up you stubborn fool...the sedins are doing nothing with Eriksson....put Hansen up....juggle Dammit!
  13. Is it just me or are you disappointed Larson scored. He's so terrible im worried coach will keep playing him cause...hey he scored. Is having 1 lucky bounce goal late in a game worth the defensive liability.
  14. Getting Hansen back is effectively eliminates Megna's spot. There are lots of 4th line upgrades out there for a playoff run. Unless something like Duchene happens...then you can move burr to the 4th line and we have a real contender Baer horvat duchene sedin sedin hansen erikson sutter granlund bur gaunce chaput Id take that forward group into the playoffs any time.....honestly 1 piece could make a huge difference...