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  1. Burr and Eddie are gonna score even though they're not playing? Hopefully it's a good game, it's probably the only one I'll get to attend this year. I'm gonna say 3-1! Kes, Garrison (PP) and Weise for us, MacKinnon for the Avs.
  2. ??? Excuse Me Play in the Yard
  3. A dog goes to a newspaper to print an advertisement. He wants to sell one of his bones. The man at the paper asks what the dog wants the ad to say. "Woof woof woof woof. Woof woof. Woof woof woof." the dog replies. "So, nine woofs?", the man asks, "You know, we charge a flat fee for the first 10 words. You could add another woof for no extra cost." The dog says, "But that wouldn't make any sense."
  4. Doesn't have time/is too cool to spells tricks with a "cks".
  5. Someone needs to turn this into a History Will Be Made ad and end it with "Burrows: Do we really want him?". Because clutch hasn't suffered enough for this thread.
  6. banned for starting a comeback
  7. banned for having an Oiler behind Manny in your sig
  8. banned for referencing posts from other topics
  9. banned for being part of the system
  10. banned for acting like my psychiatrist
  11. Has me confused with a Hawks fan
  12. banned because the voices in my head won't stop telling me to climb up the nearest clock tower and start shooting
  13. Dislikes NHL refs
  14. banned because I can't think of what to ban you for
  15. banned for banning me twice