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  1. New Coach / Scout

    Not sure if anyone is aware but we have just hired the best person to recognize young talent and coach it! He will know of some young talent that many may not! He won the Calder cup a week ago and obviously coached for and against many talented kids! This years draft will be a memorable draft, we may be getting future stars in the later rounds! Desjardins will be of great help in the draft, he is probably very connected to a network people that follow junior and minor hockey etc. Now no more talks of free agents signings or trades that sees a player over 30 coming to the Canucks! Except perhaps a back up goalie, although I doubt it! Excellent hire by Trevor and Jim ! Little Willie Willie is bringing the cup home!
  2. Welcome to out it can get silly in here.

  3. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    kesler carrying him on his back? sedin's too eh? burrows was injured all season and finally had surgery at the end of the hocky season. i am going to expext a 40 goal season from him this year!