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  1. I'm actually kind of happy the home team won. Must have been nice for the fans and helped promote hockey over there a bit
  2. I hope Virtanen, Hutton and McCann all hit their performance bonuses
  3. To be fair, if we got a mid 2nd and 7th for Lack, and we used that pick to draft Briesbois I wouldn't be upset... I like the pick =)
  4. You are my new best friend
  5. Jared Mccaan is like the really skilled player that went to the Mighty Ducks from their rival
  6. IN: Miller, Vrbata, Horvat, Bonino, Sbisa, McCann, Vey, Mathias, Markstrom OUT: Kesler, Luongo, Schneider, Garrison, Santorelli, Dalpe, Schroeder. I think our team looks better now and in the future! Rebuild & Restock complete in 1 week courtesy of Jim Benning!
  7. Signing Miller is awesome! The way I see our goalie controversy now is: Out: Luongo, Schneider In: Miller, Horvat, Markstrom, Mathias Also, our goalie controversy played a big part in why we now have Virtanen.
  8. We all should be grateful that a star calibre player who isn't from here actually wants to sign with us. If we get Miller as a UFA, it increases the value of the Canucks asset pool at no cost besides cap space, And with the cap to increase as it is expected, we would be in good shape, even if we gave Miller $5,000,000 per year. Miller jumped to a new team last in the season and didnt adjust quick enough in the new system. I think with a full training camp and season, Miller will fit right in here. He's one of the few goalies who can steal games on a regular basis.
  9. Miller in Vancouver during the start of free agency... Looks like there's a good chance for him to sign.
  10. I get that they are trying to clear cap space, but I am really having a hard time understanding this... Why the hell did they not just trade purcell to someone for a 3rd or something? We gave Roland McKeowen for Linden Vey and a 3rd for Dorsett....
  11. This, and if Miller doesn't pan out, we can trade him to a contender for a 1st round pick +
  12. I hope McCann turns into a Joe Pavelski
  13. I hope Virtanen turns into a Corey Perry
  14. His wrist shot gives me a boner.
  15. I think VIrtanen at 6 was too high, but I do believe he is a great prospect and am excited to see him bowl over people in Penticton.