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    hmmm music, hockey (despite what my friends think of it :P) even though i cant play... i am so injury prone >.< , reading, video games, soccer, kickboxing.. typical things?
  1. banned because i totally didnt realize WN was actually active
  2. hasnt kept this thread alive
  3. banned because i disappeared O:
  4. doesnt wanna see my wrath if that blizzard doesnt arrive o:<
  5. banned because i have a bf and its NOT him
  6. will get me a DQ blizzard now
  7. banned because i got bored and finally came back XD
  8. moved to alberta when he was 19
  9. banned because hes just being a drama queen and not telling me anything when obvs something is wrong
  10. banned because my bf has ruined my day
  11. banned for being awesome enough to help me bump this thread over and over
  12. is not wise
  13. banned because i have a focus sash, endeavour, and quick attack. I WIN
  14. tried too hard
  15. banned because my level 1 orca logo has a FEAR set. i win.