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  1. Have a heated hockey pool going with my bro and we want to know which line up would you rather have. Its only the two line-ups: Team 1 Backstrom 6.75 H.Sedin 6 St.Louis 5.25 Getzlaf 5.25 Semin 6 Carter 5 Eberle 1.25 Voracek 1.25 Giroux 0.75 Doughty 3.5 Karlsson 1.25 Yandle 1.25 Greene 0.75 Was 0.75 Team 2 D Sedin 6.25 Stamkos 3.75 Kane 6.25 Duchene 3.25 Parise 3.25 Perry 5.25 Roy 4 Laich 2 Ennis 0.75 Green 5.25 Myers 1.25 Goligoski 1.75 McBain 0.75 Chi 1.25 Rules and Points go as follows: - 1 point for an assist and 1 point for a goal - 2 points for goalie win - 3 points for a goalie shutout - 45 million dollar cap limit - 9 forwards, 4 defenceman, 1 goalie Note - When choosing a goalie you choose a team and count their top goalies cap hit. You get that team no matter who plays on a given night. - To keep this simple we do have subs but only in case of injuries and have rounded salaries to the nearest $250k based on CapGeek. We each have a list of subs, but I wont get into the rest of it as it is too complicated for a quick poll on opinions. Team 1 theory is based on overall depth while trying to spend money throughout the whole line-up including defence. Team 2 theory is based on paying top dollars on the forwards to carry the team. Goaltending will be interesting as with the shutouts worth 3 points Chicago actually won by 30 points last year over Washington, but with the changes in the off season I would expect that to come down a bit. Whats your thought?