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  1. Well so far neither goalie is showing they can handle being a good number one.
  2. SO it’s going to be one of those games eh.
  3. I can’t watch the game but only 5 shots in over a period usually isn’t good. Was not expecting us to score on one of those few shots.
  4. I agree, but we both know that people will lose their minds if he gets picked up.
  5. it looks like some of our prospects are already thinking about the main camp. pretty sloppy game so far
  6. that is a good thing. he needs to fill out though 160 pounds for 6'2 is my main worry.
  7. well it is what it is, i had a feeling we would fall to 5th but i was still hoping we would retain the 2nd pick. it would annoy me more if this was a stacked draft like previous years.
  8. well looks like we got 5th which i am not surprised with. man this $&!# sucks.
  9. well there we go 2 teams have bumped us.
  10. philly jumped up, you have got to be kidding me
  11. I picked ducks in 6,I was really hoping the sharks would win so we get the pick. The ducks will not be as easy for the oilers as some of their new fans seem to think. I think it will be a good series though.
  12. when it takes almost 14 minutes into the third period to get your first shot it really makes us fans believe they want to win.
  13. that is not a surprise we are still trying to just defend and hold on to the one goal lead. its why we have only won 2 games when leading going into the third.
  14. i can see more of those penalties called from center if we keep leading.
  15. because they have a lead.