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  1. Can't believe the team can't win more then one in a row at such a crucial time of the season. Let's hope we dont go on another losing streak.
  2. Down by 2 going into the third against a team that played yesterday and we are getting outplayed. Its frustrating to say the least.
  3. Yeah, demko still needs some more games it seems like at the moment he is a backup, but I still have faith he will become a bonafide starter. Just a terrible time for markstrom to go down.
  4. I agree.Winning one every few games will have the team on the outside looking in. We need to string some wins together as there is not many games left
  5. Hopefully the boys can build off this win and get going in the right direction again.
  6. Hopefully this good game leads to another good game. They can build off of this win I hope.