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  1. Galaxy S4, HTC One, or Xperia Z? Leaning towards S4

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      I really like my S4. Anything without an SD card reader or removable battery is not even an option in my opinion though.

    3. Matthew Lombardi 18

      Matthew Lombardi 18

      I like my Xperia Z.

      Do the research. Don't just follow the sheepies.

    4. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      ^His/her name is "Wheres Fluffy"... ;-)

  2. Anyone know where to buy a mapbook of Thailand?

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    2. BananaMash
    3. RunningWild


      Lonely Planet books have great maps

    4. Wheres Fluffy

      Wheres Fluffy

      Sweet. Thanks a lot RunningWild. Chapters have them too.

  3. The Official Transit Thread

    At first I was like Commercial stop? I mixed up Victoria with Commercial, my bad. After reading your response, you are clearly not in the wrong here bud. It's great to hear that everything worked out for your so far. Good luck!
  4. The Official Transit Thread

    I did not say 135 does not stop at "Cracktown". I said it usually does not stop in that area. I further state that Main street is one of the stops 135 stops at during in "Cracktown"
  5. The Official Transit Thread

    From my six years of riding the bus, especially the 135, I believe you are in the wrong here. When there was a red light, has he moved away from the bus stop? If so, he cannot and should not open the doors for safety measures. But, if he was still at the bus stop not moving, he should just open the doors. Why don't you just show up at the bus stop earlier next time? Since you are on the Express bus, the 135 only stops at the main stops in Vancouver, which is why he did not pull over. Maybe your stop is at one of the main stops for Express? If so, you should of just tole him what happened. If you did, then he is an ass? But, if not, you missed your stop, you have to wait for the next one.The 135 does not stop at the "Cracktown" area usually. The stops they stop at is Victoria Street, then Main Street, then Homer Street. If you miss your stop, you miss your stop. You weren't harassing him. Why are you being such an ass? He was only asking for suggestions. How would you like it if someone acted that way towards you when you asking for advice?
  6. What technological innovation should I write about for my paper?

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    2. The Wizard of AZ
    3. nuckZ#1
    4. LostViking


      whatever you pick, try to cover why its a true innovation and not an improvement of an existing tech, that'll get you brownie points

  7. Does anyone know if there are any rules on trading coaches?

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    2. Teemu Selänne

      Teemu Selänne

      Coaches can't be traded under the current CBA.

      In recent history, the Canucks traded Carlyle to Anaheim.

    3. Wheres Fluffy

      Wheres Fluffy

      Oh cool. Thanks a lot AriGold & Teemu Selanne.

    4. Dazzle


      You can't trade a coach but I believe you have to ask for permission to speak with a coach and I think you have to pay a certain compensation if he is hired (something like a 4th round pick).

  8. -THE OFFICIAL-*******Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2*******-THREAD-

    Sick. Thanks for the update man.
  9. -THE OFFICIAL-*******Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2*******-THREAD-

    Just wondering if people still play MW2 on Xbox? I'm playing BO right now, but I like MW2 more. So, I might switch back if people still are.