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  1. Claudia Cardinale is exquisite!
  2. When I lived up there I had a 45-70 behind the seat and 430 grain bear load in my console. Good luck to the hatchet murderers. And I went through plenty of road blocks with an unloaded rifle next to my leg. RCMP would just look and nod....its perfectly legal if it isnt loaded and the action is open......if the action is closed then its a problem. Ever know when a moose will step out on a back road or onto a cut line.
  3. Great pub, lots of oil and gas traffic around there. Head straight north towards Goodlowe across the Peace river then head back west towards Cecil lake for some great deer, moose and elk hunting. Beautiful country. I used to drive through there all the time from FSJ. Nice drive up towards Peace River if you cross the border towards the east once you cross the bridge. Then you can make your way up to high level and even head into NWT towards Hay river. Then Yellowknife isnt of the nicest drives if you want to see wildlife. Fully recommend that entire part of the province and the whole Northeast for that matter.