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  1. Little long... but I am happy
  2. I would love to see Canucks retain all the Sedin Salary/cap for them to go to any team they want. Regardless of return next year, it might fix the Canucks reputation of how they treat players. Plus I could see Sedins resigning in the off season.
  3. I would love to see Vancouver Management play the Sedins till their final season and offer the chance to go somewhere else at deadline to win a cup. Let them choose the team and retain all the cap if needed. They deserve to be treated well. They are the best players Van has ever had. Not only that but it would be viewed as a classy move. Vancouver takes care of their stars. Good for signing new players.
  4. Edmonton was happy about this news. I would take Weber over Ference
  5. Found a video on HFboards and looks like Hammy's lip is split wide open. Poor guys. The way he drums his feet on the ice when he goes does is the worst. Wish him the best!
  6. NO! If this is true this has nothing to do with the Hawks getting screwed. If its true, put hockey aside and deal with this. This is not a joke, a punch line or anything. There is 0 tolerance when it comes to rape. That said I hope its not true for everyone's sake.
  7. If he scores 20 goals again.
  8. I laughed how the lowest on the chart is Tanner Glass. Must be for Pitt fan.
  9. Maybe that's the plan. Give everyone pretty good deals this year and then next years draft he can rob everyone of draft picks because "our good buddy Jim would never screw us!" Genius!!!!
  10. Ray says he looks at the Canucks with a mish-mash of parts and he is not sure how it will all fit together. He also said he doesn't have a feel for the finished product. Totally agree and I think most of the league is the same. It's fingers crossed for young guys now, which is exciting and scary!
  11. Considering being hand cuffed with salaries, not bad I guess.
  12. Played road hockey against Kris Versteeg. Met Bieska, Tanner Glass, Hordichuk and Versteeg (again) at a Rick Rypein function in the Crowsnest Pass. Bieska was soooo nice. Otherwise just after game signings which don't really count!
  13. Actually now that I am talking about it, the thing I liked lost about Benning is his draft knowledge. He seemed so right for a rebuild/retool/transition. But he has been giving away picks like a madman!!! Not only that but Bonino 15 goals, Matthias 18 goals, Richardson 13 goals, and Kassian 10 goals Where as now Prust 4 goals is the replacement? That's 52 goals lost and hoping the kids up and coming can make it up! Sounds like fingers are crossed. And I am a Benning supporter. Lol
  14. I agree. Like Sutter better than Bonino but to get Sutter we gave up a prospect and 2nd round! Will Sutter fetch that and more at trade deadline? Likely not. It will be a wash at best. Which means for a wash, Canucks took on more cap which could be spent else where.
  15. Sorry IPhone double post