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  1. this guy will be our duncan keith, he's too good
  2. this
  3. Shoulda got juulsen
  4. So much hate for virtanen but so much love for this guy don't get it
  5. So many good dmen on the board
  6. Wtf next Patrick white
  7. is it just me or does ryan kesler look like troy brouwer
  8. bo horvat must make the team
  9. You guys do realize we are in a rebuilding phase
  10. Wow when coho gets traded you guys bash him, same with lu and kes. Kes did whats best for his career and I don't blame him. What happens if the Sedins get traded "bunch of soft euros who never did anything for us. Hope they never win. Waste of space on our first line for years".
  11. not amazing but solid return, but i dont hate kes ill be rooting for him