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  1. My eyes want to bleed
  2. I know we're past this (are we?) but I'm still hearing 2 different stories about the Lucic drama and damn it I wish I knew which one was the truth.

    1. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      Neither is the truth. The truth is always somewhere in between.

    2. Edler0023


      what'd you hear

    3. topbananas


      there are 3 sides to that story, Lucic's, the other guy's and the truth

  3. I dont condone violence or this action, but CDC really needs to take it down a notch, its like the white man's guilt card situation in here holy crap
  4. Prime example is the cup run in 2011 post Rome hit and Marchand on Salo.
  5. Lol I cant believe some of the posts in here - "feel apologetic, you're from Vancouver, FEEL APOLOGETIC, SYMPATHIZE WITH LUCIC"
  6. We lose - there are a-holes waiting to pounce on cdc, we win - there are a-holes waiting to pounce on cdc. Makes sense.

    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      We're all just looking for something to complain about, aren't we?

    2. Edler0023


      I see what you did there

  7. wow way to discredit the coach and team.
  8. Hey so EDM media and other media guys on twitter are not feeling Kassian's dig at Gagne - "classless" and what not.
  9. Julien doing some voodoo from his seat
  10. Lol Cherry mentioned Reimer and Team Canada ........... I just dont see it
  11. @ryanparkerdp: The class 4 felony kidnapping charge means someone was taken without their consent. That charge carries 2-6 years in prison #Varmalov
  12. @TSNBobMcKenzie: “@ryanparkerdp: Varlamov cannot bail out of jail because of the assault charge. Must see a judge."/ Follow @ryanparkerdp for updates.