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  1. bring back Saniel Dedins 2k15

    1. One one two

      One one two

      I'm still waiting for RF2233 to be acquitted.

  2. What's the point of posting that video?
  3. Free Advice From BananaMash Thread

    Where do babies come from?
  4. The Reputation Points Farming Thread

    downvote me pls
  5. [Proposal] Rebuild

    That philly trade is bad and you should feel bad
  6. $9 million worth of drugs seized in record drug bust

    They sure "stash" it alright
  7. [Proposal] Van-Pitt (draft day)

    Not even close
  8. Four options for Pittsburgh, which one to take?

    It's actually hilarious that you put Crosby in that list.
  9. Those are some EXTREMELY unrealistic trades.
  10. Are we going through this again?
  11. [NFL] Jets release Mark Sanchez

    why would you use a hashtag on cdc?
  12. Johansen is basically untouchable.
  13. MG!

    Yes of course, let's leave it to nitwitt!