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  1. Not a meme, but here are AV's picks for the team awards
  2. I made all these during our slump, just posting them now. And here's Schneider, didn't know which one to write so I just wrote both:
  3. Ahh I hope this thread never ends.
  4. Awww I want this thread to never end!
  5. So.. is this officially the most minused thread in CDC history?
  6. Do we really need him? Yes! We need the dragon slayer on Sunday! Hope he's better soon.
  7. It would make our first and second line more even. 2 great players on each line. But Burrows and the twins are at their best when they're together.
  8. -986.
  9. Bumpbumpbumpbump I can't believe this thread has 410 pages now.
  10. Hey do you mind if I steal your sig?

  11. Samuelsson and Kipper!