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  1. (Poll) Willie Watch

    If the streak hits double digits something has to give. Give WD the axe and let Doug Jarvis run the show until the end. When its the off-season plenty of coaches will be available and than we can either go the Travis Green route or another route.
  2. Rough ride in Stanley Park..

    Just funny to watch, I probably would of done the same thing. There is a correct way of getting off a moving car though from my experience through work. Trailing foot first and swing away from the direction of movement. Watched the interview after the mom and dad were having a laugh about it when they were being interviewed. Good story to tell when you go back home.
  3. Rough ride in Stanley Park..

    LOL at the dad bailing without trying to get his wife and kids off first . The lady's face who stayed on the trolley is priceless when she's staring back at the family that jumped.
  4. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    The crowds reaction to Goldberg was pretty impressive considering some of the younger WWE fans would have never seen him fight. Hoping for a better match this time around between Goldberg and Brock. Can't see either one of them wanting to lose with their egos with that be said you can't have Brock losing to someone who's going to be one and done.
  5. Dangerous dogs registry

    I don't agree with your idea of muzzling all dogs however I have a story to relate. I have 65 pound Amstaff it ran loose at the park one day and went up to a pack of 3 pugs. The owners of the 3 pugs gave me $&!# for not having my dog on leash even though she wouldn't harm a soul however it was my mistake that she got away from me. Couple weeks later his three dogs all bombard me in my driveway snapping at my feet. I sure ripped into him when he came to get them, told him he was likely I didn't kick them.
  6. [Waivers] Nicklas Jensen

    I always thought he was doomed to fail in NY with AV as the coach. He was on a short leash to begin with, given their history. Guess AV had little or no input on the trade.
  7. Players shouldnt hold out from the game over money

    If your're a union man you should understand the importance of holding out for the best contract. These guys have no pension after they retire, they got to support themselves and their families for years to come after their careers are over. After making all that money I'm sure they get accustomed to a certain lifestyle and I doubt they want to back track after working so hard.
  8. Are team NA and Europe going to be phased out by qualifying nations for future WC?
  9. Cut time for Virtanen?

    You don't play professional hockey
  10. Cut time for Virtanen?

    Yeah my friends have ran into him at Townhall a handful of times. Hopefully doesn't come in the way of his development, I know he's young and making tons of money but we've seen that hinder player development in people like Evander Kane and Kassian.
  11. Cut time for Virtanen?

    I've ran into him multiple times downtown on the Granville strip over the past couple of times. Kid seems like a party animal might be a reason he looks a little husky.
  12. The Overwatch Thread.

    Hoping they add some new characters and maps in the months to come. I really got my moneys worth out of this game, been playing it since I bought it.
  13. Dangerous dogs registry

    I won't be registering my dog. Government can stick it where the sun don't shine, like we need more reasons for the government to keep tabs on us.
  14. [Rumour/Speculation] Hudler/Canucks

    Wouldn't mind seeing Hudler on a one year deal. Could be traded for an asset come deadline time if the Canucks are not in a playoff spot and hes putting up decent numbers
  15. The Tattoo Thread