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  1. Very fair trade all around, but very rare to see 3 way deals in the NHL especially with the amount of players on the move. I personally would do it but what do the Canes do with Ward? Lack?. Also do the Pens think they have a new number one in Murrary. Lot of moving parts but well thought out proposal.
  2. Bonino is currently in a third line role and isn't expected to put up big points, less pressure. If you compare that with he was expected to do on the Canucks huge difference. He was expected to fill Keslers place as 2C and play on the second PP. In Pit hes considered a role/support player. Hes a good player but we had slotted in at the wrong spot. I have no problem with the trade I think Sutter is going to be a huge asset to Canucks for years to come.
  3. I've got two tattoos both are my grandfathers signaturez, one on bicep one on my wrist. Looking to get the deathly hallows tattoo somewhere loll. Want a sleeve done eventually just don't know what I want.
  4. Why is this thread 21 pages? Who cares about Vbrata his inability to play screwed himself over more then anything else.
  5. loll this isn't NHL 16. NFL drafts picks are nowhere comparable to NHL draft picks. You're drafting men not kids in the NFL, you can build yourself a Superbowl team through ONE draft in the NFL.
  6. Shinkurak hasnt proved anything yet, still don't know why people are so butthurt about it. Grandlund can be a very servicable 3rd or 4th line C
  7. Goalies longevity compared to players is usually better. If he decides to walk next summer hes not getting more than 3 million a year.
  8. The fact thats he still somewhat unproven at being a full time starter. I personally think its his best bet to stay with the Canucks for 2-3 years build up his stock and then cash in on a big contract someplace else or here depending on how far long Demko is.
  9. Martin Jones fetched a 1st and a prospect from San Jose and thats going to be a late first rounder. There is no way in hell we get the number one pick from Edmonton. Also Demko is going to play in the AHL for at least 1 year and I don't understand how people think hes going to be ready to step in right away. Schneider played 160 games in A before coming to the NHL. Markys going nowhere unless he decides to walk but thats not going to happen
  10. Tanbir makes himself look like a fool on the midday show. Sekeres and Price both end just sighing after his rant. He always seems out of breath too
  11. After all his teammates went Pro and BC had to rebuild you knew Demko would sign. There is no way Demko plays in the NHL next year. Demko needs atleast one year in the AHL maybe even two similar to what we did with Schneider.
  12. We could potentially have 3 picks in the second round if Columbus decides to give us their second this year (high unlikely). Wouldn't that be something 3 picks in the top 40 plus the Ducks' second round pick.
  13. Anyone meal prep? Could use some new ideas for weekly meal prep. Sick of salad jars
  14. Except Bernie. Bernie is what the US needs