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    If it wasn't for his personality people wouldn't have such a hard on for him. He is a great guy but average NHL goalie at best. Glad we got rid of him. Markstrom looked great in both his starts Montreal game wasn't completely his fault and have full faith in Rollie that he will turn Markstrom into a bonafide starter.
  2. Jeff Paterson & Matt Baker - Let Go From 1040

    Really enjoyed Patterson on 1040 one of the few people I enjoy listening to on there. I find that the Morning show with Pratt and Jake as well the Sekeres and Price show they come off really fickle one day praising the Canucks one day questioning if they are good enough (a lot like CDC). Find that both pairs are fickle and are always just looking for controversy and making crap up for the sake of a story. I really like listening to Bmac Donny and the Moj though straight shooters.
  3. NHL 16 Thread

    Did a full on rebuild with the Canucks. Kept all the kids in Junior and the AHL for a few years. Tanked for Matthews by having really bad goaltending. Have a pretty decent team now. Got about 5 million in cap and just started the 2019-2020 season.  Notable trades  Daniel and 1st for Hertl Hertl for Fucale Henrik for Fabbari Burrows for nobody Miller for Boedker (computer proposed)   F.Forsberg(88)- Matthews(89)- Virtanen(84) Fabbari(84)-McCaan(84)-Boedker(88) Shinkaruk(84)-Horvat(86)-Cassels(86) Baertschi(82)-Sutter(84)-Dorsett(82) Hutton(87)-Edler(86) Byfuglien(87)-Tanev(85) N.Beaulieu(84)-Sbisa(82) Fucale(86) Plug
  4. All Time Canuck Draft Pick Game

    Round 2 - Pick 31 Toni Tanti
  5. *** Big Brother 17 Thread ***

    Austwins are dumb for not getting rid of Vanessa when they had the chance especially since they controlled all the power during the double eviction.
  6. The Lions Gate Bridge Bump

    You go right through centennial port which is owned by DP World. So good luck with that.
  7. Straight Outta Compton

    I thought the movie was great. Actors did a amazing job considering most of them had zero or very little experience. The story wasn't as choppy I expected it to be considering so much had happened between all of them.
  8. Breaking Bad

    Watched it for a second time during a binge and I have a totally different view on the characters. I actually feel bad for Skyler and realized how much of an asshole Walt really is. Hands down favorite show
  9. good used SUV under $2000?

    I'll sell you my 06 BMW x3 with 150k KM on it for 17 Gs
  10. OMG Heat Wave?

    Get ready for people to start complaining about rain again.
  11. [Trade] Zac Rinaldo to Bruins

    Hopefully Sweeney is dumb enough to get rid of Bergeron. Would love to see him succeed in a market other than Boston.
  12. Kegs

    Yeah, I've gotten a keg of their honey lager a couple months back worked out to be about $220 after everything, just looking for something a little cheaper.
  13. Kegs

    Anybody know of a place where you can get a Keg for cheap? Pretty open to what kind of beer it is as long as it is good.
  14. What's your excuse for eating meat?

    Farms animal add nothing to the ecosystem so I help control the population.
  15. Best 6 Man Line Up Ever!

    Bergeron - Crosby - Kane Weber - Keith Price