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  1. You know what dude. You probably helped kill this channel, by posting it in here. You think the Canucks would be happy to hear people can get the game free. Think next time.

    1. CaNuCk_in_NzL


      Was posted in October and if the NHL won't allow Canucks games to be broadcast in New Zealand on t.v. Except for the odd game I will find it any way I can. As long as the show that I watch has the same ads as Canadian t.v. Stations they are getting paid so why should the Canucks care?

    2. CaNuCk_in_NzL


      Btw, the channel and broadcaster is still broadcasting so I still get to watch for free. Go Canucks go!

  2. Hmm I lead you astray. Had the wrong link. It's here.


    Really good quality and great chat as well. :) I watch it from New Zealand all the time and get very little lag.

  4. Sorry to lead you astray! The game was on that channel for 10 minutes and then got shut down for copyright infringement! Hope you find the game and Go Canucks go!

  5. here if you want. Great channel, great stream for me in New Zealand and good caht as well.

  6. Hey, I have the NHL Center Ice subscription, so if I am at home I can watch the games, but when I'm at work I have to listen to it on the Team 1040. Flash is disabled on work computers and I don't think me watching hockey games during work hours would go down so well!

  7. Hello from a Canadian dude in New Zealand! Go Canucks go! I saw your post about listening to team 1040. If you are able to watch the games on-line I can tell you of a few...uh illegal sites that I watch the games on while I'm at work. Do you know of any pubs or bars in Auckland or the North Shore that may show the games? I work in Warkworth so not too far to travel for me.

  8. The crappy part is that most games will be on at noon or 2 PM our time and I'm at work unless it's the weekend. I might just have to watch the games at work illegally like I always do. I know of some good free sites if you are interested. i guess if you have Game centre though you don't need it.

  9. Well hello! I am a Canadian from B.C. but have lived in NZ for 2 and a half years now. Just north of Auckland. It's always good to see some Canucks fans in NZ. There are more around than I think. Go Canucks go!

  10. Oh, I only just saw your reply here after you replied to me on the board. Thats kool, I live in Albany, after living in Canada for 2 years which got me into loving hockey!

  11. Hey, whereabouts in NZ do you live, im in auckland