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  1. Surprised there's not more people around here in to it.. (and surprised it took this long for even one person to get a clan started)
  2. I joined your clan, my game name is fausto. Played pretty seriously from january to june but haven't really played since. We'll see if I get back into it.
  3. Yeah I thought button had Virtanen ranked 41st.. Interesting.
  4. Probably mine or spence's old (?) place haha.. Spence are you and tacic set up somewhere far away now ?
  5. I need a 3rd goalie and someone offered me halak for eriksson, don't know if I should undervalue eriksson too early though especially when who knows how many starts halak will get, what do you guys think ?
  6. when I go on it's usually after like 11pm..
  7. well that sucks but I guess there really hasn't been enough people on..
  8. it used to be infinite lol what happened !?
  9. Was on the server last night (surprise) and the redstone lighting system wasn't working for some reason, but I fixed it you're welcome birdie.
  10. Uni + gf + sports doesn't leave much time for games haha.. I'll try to get on tonight.
  11. the server just reset which made the diamond chest I just made disappear..
  12. it says someone's on but it's still down for me..
  13. oh birdie.....
  14. maybe because the 99 is the busiest bus route in north america that serves the second and third largest employment areas in the region and there is no way to further increase capacity without a desperately needed skytrain line that will benefit way more than just the people of vancouver ?
  15. I've seen it snow in Calgary in August lol..