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  1. Schroeder's sure on a great run since he was sent back down. If AV plans to leave Roy with Kesler, I do not know why Schroeder hasn't been recalled. He's a better option than Ebbet, that's for sure.
  2. Gaunce has been awesome in the playoffs so far.
  3. Kitchener is just overmatched against London. Just unfortunate for Corrado and Mceneny.
  4. I really liked the Gaunce pick when it happened and I like it even more now. No way he should have fallen to 26.
  5. Garrison has been playing very solid. The last month he has been our most consistent defenseman. Very sound defensively.
  6. I'm happy with Labate's progression so far. I think he'll be a solid 3rd line type player in the future.
  7. He's got a lot more offensive ability than Friesen. And he's way bigger.
  8. Call this kid up. Booth and Kassian are both out now. And this team is starved for an injection of offense. At the very least he can add something new to the powerplay.
  9. He scored a goal today for the Wolves, didn't he?
  10. Labate wil get an even bigger opportunity to produce next year. I'm happy with his development thus far and he projects as a decent 3rd liner in the future.
  11. The Wolves are a terrible offensive team, so the while the decline in Kassian's stats are offputting, they're not terribly disconcerting. What I am more concerned about is Kassian's consistency. Whenever I watch him play in the AHL I always get the sense he is just a lazy player. Sometimes he is a dominant force, but at other times (too often) I see weak backchecking, a defensive liability and all around lack of effort. With the tools he has: the hands, size and decent enough skating, Kassian should be able to impose himself on the opposition. More often than not I'll see him just try to shrug players off with his body, one-hand the puck and then end up losing the puck or making a terrible one-arm pass. The number will come eventually. And he still has a lot of potential. But I want to see him put in a more consistent effort.
  12. I don't think the Canucks lost interest at all. Certainly not because of this cheating incident. Nearly everyone in college/university cheats. Its how it works. Most people don't get caught. He did. It's not honorable but what he did isn't so bad everyone should forget about him because of his "lack of character". He's still a decent prospect and McNally and the Canucks are waiting what the final decision from Harvard is. In most cases the player is able to be re-instated after a year (If McNally wishes to continue his education and play college hockey). If this ruling goes south I can definitely see him signing a pro contract somewhere. I did read an article where McNally was saying he was thinking about going pro after his 2nd year, so it's an option to him right now and on his mind.
  13. I'm not questioning his conditioning, which should still improve. I'm pointing out that in some of his AHL play that I've seen he has been picking up very lazy habits. When the puck is not on his stick he has been a lazy player.
  14. This. Everyone is pointing out his excellent offensive play and rightly so. But his play without the puck was disappointing. He just looked so so so lazy. Lazy backchecking, lazy zone coverage, lazy forechecking and if he lost the puck there was no effort to get it back. He looked like he didn't want to be there and it showed. You can see the skill, puck protection ability and potential when the puck is on his stick, but when its not he looked like a liability. I'm not saying he's a bust, but I agree with you. He needs a much better work ethic to make it in the NHL.