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  1. I would even go with Gaunce - McCann - Dorsett as a 4th line. Gaunce to me has proven he can be play in the NHL now, he has the frame and his 200ft game is solid. Trading Vey, Higgins, and Prust.
  2. Baertschi - Horvat - Kassian would be a fun line to watch. Skill, speed, size, and with good 2-way play from Horvat.
  3. The reason I see Lack being the odd man out is because Benning sees something special in Markstrom and believes he can become a solid NHL starter. And by keeping Miller, it gives Markstrom some veteran presence that can help him ease into the NHL whereas Lack has far less experience compared to Miller. Miller has also accomplished a lot more than what Lack has. Lack can be a solid regular starter in the NHL someday, and Markstrom too. But I think either one we choose, keeping Miller along them will benefit them in the long run due to the veteran experience Miller brings. Calming influence towards either one and it may really help them take the next step in the NHL. Plus, Miller's 2 years left is probably the perfect timetable to help Markstrom prep to become a full-time starter in the NHL.
  4. Could turn out to be a solid shutdown defensemen for the Canucks.
  5. Just because Benning didn't trade our UFA's and load up on picks was mainly because we can make the playoffs. And he believes that we need to keep this group together to be atleast competitive. He will probably look to move the expiring contracts at the draft, and still get some picks in return, he's just holding onto the players for now so we can be good enough to get into the playoffs.
  6. It's a 2017 2nd round pick.
  7. The management probably wanted to talk to Virtanen and let him know what they want him to improve on if he wants to crack into the lineup next season.
  8. With this move, our future defence group could look like this: Edler - Tanev Hamhuis - Corrado Sbisa - Clendening //Stanton Bieksa traded. Even though I know people would be against it, but I think it would be wise to get a return from him. He's been a heart and soul guy for the Canucks, however if we are serious about getting younger, he will be one of the NTC contracts to be moved to make room for youth.
  9. Should I drop Martin St.Louis and make room for another forward, or keep him? I'm having doubts he'll pick it up
  10. Darcy Kuemper or Braden Holtby?
  11. Matthias is really impressive so far. Him and Booth line combo has made Booth more visible on the ice too! Jensen has also looked very good, liking him a lot and hope he sticks around for the rest of the year.
  12. I agree with you. I can't think that Tortorella would be this classless to not play a goaltender like Luongo at the Canucks Heritage Classic. Gillis probably had a talk with Tortorella and said something like sit Luongo until the deadline because we're going to try and move him or something along those lines. In my view, it makes complete sense. If we can get a decent package in return for Luongo that helps us, we should do it. We all already know that the damage in the relationship between Canucks organization and Luongo has already been done and I think in Luongo's mind, he would prefer to not be here anymore.
  13. Well good players in this league play in all situations and help the team out in all parts of the game. I believe that this is just an off year for the Sedins as they are still adapting to the new style of play brought along with the new coaching staff. Sedins will work hard and adapt to the Torts' system and then when they become comfortable with it, the offense will come. Right now they are focused on Torts' new system and playing the game he wants them to play, once they get used to it and it's in the back of their minds, I think the offense will come. As smart as the Sedins are, they will overcome their offensive struggles especially with Burrows back who suits them well.
  14. Right, I totally forgot about him!
  15. If Canucks trade for O'Rielly straight up for Edler and then make a seperate trade to acquire Steve Ott. Next years possible lineup: Sedin - Sedin - Burrows Higgins - O'Rielly - Kesler Ott - Horvat - Hansen Sestito - Richardson - Santorelli/Lain Hamhuis - Tanev Garrison - Bieksa Stanton - Corrado We would be really deep in the center position with Henrik, Kesler, O'Rielly, Ott, Horvat, Richardson, Santorelli. Kesler will finally have a legitimate young top-six forward to play with him. Horvat would run the 3rd line and he will be mentored by Kesler and O'Rielly throughout the season. Ott would provide that grit and toughness on that checking line. Or Imagine, O'Rielly - Horvat - Kesler as a shutdown line, that would be one heck of a line to try and create offense against.