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  1. I post pics of my kids all the time,but to a private group that is all family members
  2. I like it! Good move,Manny will help this team.
  3. Cool video thanks for posting,man there was a lot of jaywalking going on back then lol
  4. Chromeslab is a slang term for salmon but I liked Cromeslab spelling better,it represents salmon being thrown on the ice which has been known to happen from time to time throughout Canucks history.
  5. I find it odd that the guy is allergic to salmon, usually shellfish is a more common seafood allergy.The waiter and restaurant should be the ones to blame.
  6. What's with the inferiority complex with Cali teams?We should do fine.Size does trump skill depending on how the refs call the games.
  7. Welcome Eric!
  8. I'm not convinced
  9. I smoke and I get through the games I go to no problem even if I'm havin Beers.Everone is different I guess.
  11. People seem to forget how bad our D was last season,I'm happy with this pick.Hopefully we can address scoring come July 1st
  12. CDC implodes
  13. Damm!
  14. Very well put,I live in Kamloops and like everyone here have been following his story.