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  1. If we're gonna pick up a vet,would rather have someone with some grit to help protect our younger up and coming players.Pass on Eberle.
  2. If the CANUCKS were goin to game 7 I think the promotion would be better,but it's the Oilers,businesses need to be big deal imo.
  3. Is this game streamable?
  4. Hope we pick first,fingers and toes crossed!can u imagine the mayhem around here if we do GO CANUCKS!!!!
  5. Home of Gary Lupul lol
  6. Your not rambling grew up there
  7. Kamloops,great place to raise a family,more affordable than the coast,good junior hockey(Blazers).only 3 1/2 hr drive to Van for Canuck games and no ferries.
  8. Yea what the hell is up with Try?Team seems pretty quiet about his status.
  9. It was the right call
  10. Man,I thought for sure Hansen was traded.Dam you Amazon!