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  1. As long as Boeser keeps scoring,he'll stay,if not,then he'll be sent down acordingly
  2. Went with the 7 day free trial with sport net app woo! streaming game! GO CANUCKS!!!!
  3. And so it begins,my 40th year of following this team.Is this game streamable?
  4. I agree it's a concern but as fans we need to be a little patient on this.
  5. Are we drafting a dman?Me thinks so.
  6. If we're gonna pick up a vet,would rather have someone with some grit to help protect our younger up and coming players.Pass on Eberle.
  7. If the CANUCKS were goin to game 7 I think the promotion would be better,but it's the Oilers,businesses need to be big deal imo.
  8. Is this game streamable?
  9. Hope we pick first,fingers and toes crossed!can u imagine the mayhem around here if we do GO CANUCKS!!!!