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  1. What's with the inferiority complex with Cali teams?We should do fine.Size does trump skill depending on how the refs call the games.
  2. Welcome Eric!
  3. I'm not convinced
  4. I smoke and I get through the games I go to no problem even if I'm havin Beers.Everone is different I guess.
  6. People seem to forget how bad our D was last season,I'm happy with this pick.Hopefully we can address scoring come July 1st
  7. CDC implodes
  8. Damm!
  9. Very well put,I live in Kamloops and like everyone here have been following his story.
  10. Lol dredger tweets what nuck fans already know. How original.
  11. Lol I recall last night when the oilers were trying to move the puck out of there zone he pinched in and pinned two oiler player against the boards at once.