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  1. Despite his helmet Nillson is lookin good
  2. Talk to the Canucks maybe u could get a discount on a bulk purchase.seriously though I would be more happy if Brock could do it than getting a jersey, already have 3 I like
  3. I want the Versace jersey lol
  4. Woo! I’m there
  5. Ugly helmet but playin pretty good so far
  6. Nillsons helmet is horrendous
  7. Happy day of birth to VC!Hopefully the team can get things going on the road.Interested in how the pp is run tonight cuz it ain’t very good right now. GO CANUCKS!!!!
  8. As long as Boeser keeps scoring,he'll stay,if not,then he'll be sent down acordingly
  9. Went with the 7 day free trial with sport net app woo! streaming game! GO CANUCKS!!!!
  10. And so it begins,my 40th year of following this team.Is this game streamable?
  11. I agree it's a concern but as fans we need to be a little patient on this.