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  1. this game is so ???? addicting im surprised that im managing my time quite well with this and work/friends/drinking
  2. how much you get it for? i see its like 170$ in stores with the plan or whatever and it is pretty sick
  3. you are a heavenly blessed beauty...whos beauty is divine and everlasting
  4. yeah but those 5 always stay open. can't close them.
  5. when you do that it shows the ones that are running 5 always stay open: browser, bbm, phone, home screen, messages. to close them just click on them, it will open the app once your in the app just click the bb button and choose close
  6. make sure all your apps are fully closed. hold the blackberry button and you'll see all the apps that are still running open them and click the bb button again and click exit/quit/whatever it is to turn em off i didn't know this for a long ass time
  7. instead of pulling out the battery again and again after letting it load for 10 min, i left it there for about 45 min and it finally started up it started to work again just as i got to the 2nd step
  8. haters gona hate
  9. don't know why my other post isn't showing the vid heres another try
  10. Youtube: Misc Lyfe by ShayZ Final Version
  11. wow you listen to three songs at the same time?
  12. this is the 2nd one i made. this one got more substance and is a legit thread.. so she deleted it for no reason i dunno who or why it was brought back, i was just gonna drop it
  13. whoa, my thread is back?