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  1. Yeah I did as well...

    That's why I haven't been on. It's sad :(

  2. Guess who got the red rings of death :(

    I miss black ops!

  3. Banned for copying the REAL Ace of Spades. Though I am still convinced you are masquerading as him, and picked the same name to throw us off.
  4. Wants to know if making people is a double entendre, or if you actually have a studio in your house that makes people.
  5. Banned for using the 24 hour clock.
  6. Will leave as soon as that happens.
  7. Banned for causing all this confusion. And for taking a lunch break at 1 in the afternoon. Who does that?
  8. Is silly for using French. What is this, the Canadiens board? And yes I will, but only Search. None of this TDM madness.
  9. Banned for using your phone when you should be working. Also, banned for not realizing that I edited to fix a spelling mistake.
  10. Is tired of being the only one with a PG mind on this site. You are all cretins.
  11. Banned for double posting like a noob.
  12. Knows that could be taking two ways, especially with all the dirty minds on this site.
  13. Banned for not knowing (even though she does) that I go to university. And I don't work full time.
  14. Banned for not realizing that I had posted before reading your post, making your argument invalid.
  15. My shoulders are tired from the weight of my backpack. Jus' saying. And knows that I know that she is teasing me, but I enjoy this verbal sparring