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  1. I feel this need more attention. If what Bob Mac said was true then it is not Benning's fault nor the Owner's fault Dallas chose Russell Over Hamhuis because they felt like we would take a discount to trade Hamhuis. Dallas probably also felt like they have a higher chance of resigning Russell if they like his performance. If this is the case then I am fine with Benning not taking the low offer and keep Hamhuis
  2. From what I remember (could be completely wrong) The ownership want Richards and I believe Tampa was asking Edler, Burrows, and some other pieces I can't remember. Nonis refused because he thinks is a bad idea to trade the farm for one superstar. Again this purely from what I think I remember... Could be wrong
  3. I mean it is not impossible to get him... but it is going to be tough. How can we ever beat Oilers and the Leafs in tanking.
  4. my question is if ownership is really evolved as the report they say it is, then why would any GM want to work for the Canucks? Basically beside a nice contract that earns you money, you will always be stuck in a tough situation.
  5. actually if you think about it we are not that far away from completing the rebuild if you look at the young players that are acquired by Benning and those developed through our own system you would have something like Baertschi-Horvat-Virtanen Boeser-McCann-Etem Gaunce-Granlund-______ Tanev-Hutton ____ - _____ ____ - Pedan Markstorm IF our young group develop properly then we just need to fill the gap on our defense and can afford to not adding picks like this trade deadline, as long as we draft well. That being said it is always good to have more picks.