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  1. Bieksa is out of any trade talk despite being a UFA after this year, the guy is terrific right now, nice to see him turn it around like this. I want Salo back in this lineup though, as he is our right handed howitzer on the PP. He will be back in the lineup this year. So with $2,071,000 in cap space and $3,500,000 to get Sammy back in, we need to shed $1,429,000 to get him in. I have read on here some saying that we should get rid of Alberts and Rome ( total $1,800,000 cap hit ) to pull that off but that that will leave us with six defensemen and an injury will hurt us again. I truly think this is our year. We need to have seven defensemen and if it costs us some youth, that is the price for winning the cup. To account for the $1,429,000 we need to shed, get rid of Rome $750,000, Bolduc $489.000 and Volpatti $382,000 ( total $1,621,000 ). We keep Alberts in this scenario and still have Hansen, Glass, Desbiens, Andersson, Bliznak, Hodgson to give us a 4th line. Don't flame if this has been posted before. I just really believe this is what Gillis will do ( pending any other injuries ).
  2. WTF? I don't even like Bieksa but I admit he has played very well the last 10-15 games. No reason to be criticizing him at this point, so stop. The lack of foot speed with Alberts and Rome is the concern right now. We will see Salo, Erhoff and hopefully a 4th line that has the same cast of characters game to game before we find consistency.
  3. So you're saying that if he has a big contract but plays like garbage you will support him? It seems we are both irrational. That's why they call us fanatics!
  4. Damn, where is the confusion? I ragged Bieksa when he was sucking. I am happy now that he is playing well ( get back in the lineup! ). So who is defending him when he sucks and who is hating him when he is playing well? It's all about his play you know, so what are you guys basing it all on??
  5. I want the Canucks to win and can see he is not conducive to us being a great team. Why are you defending him? Because everyone else is hurt? Honestly, we may as well try Oberg, etc until the cavalry returns.
  6. Why? Will you still enjoy him lacing them up when he's on Florida?
  7. When Salo comes back at Christmas, Bieksa will be traded or put on waivers. The argument will end then, by default.
  8. Half think he's fine? Is that a scientific pole? Honestly, more would choose Alberts over Bieksa right now. Alberts is faster than he was last year and ready to play.
  9. Only you and your girlfriend are on the same side, punchy. Bieksa is junk, truth hurts. And sorry for rounding the cap, I'll be brutally obvious just you in the future.
  10. Normally, I would look down on group-hatred of one player but in the case of Bieksa, it really is deserved. He is a moron, he is dangerous ( and not dangerous in a good way like Maverick in Top Gun ) and is completely reckless. Retarded penalties at terrible times and tremendously dumb giveaways after doing some figure 8 in his own end and all for the bargain price of $4 mil.
  11. Bieksa is inconsistent. His big salary and cap hit will certainly have him traded or on waivers this year IF Erhoff, Edler, Salo, Hamhuis, Ballard, Alberts and Rome can all say they are without a horrific injury at the same time. Alberts and Rome do not have Bieksa's foot speed but they are not stupid, nor do they have a $4 million salary.