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  1. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    I think you mean 5th overall
  2. Oil Cleanup.. / payments.... - can not be trusted....

    If Trudeau, Kinder Morgan, and Premier Notley pledge all their assets (and maybe their lives) to pay for the cleanup costs (because this pipeline will leak) then great then let's do it.
  3. Actually that wasn't a judgement. I said he sounded bitter. A judgement would have been me saying he is bitter. Personally I don't care if people don't agree with me. Why not keep tradition? Because it sucked! For the players, fans, and the league. Ottawa was garbage for 10 years. The league recognized the old way sucked and changed it. If all these people were saying Vegas was a playoff contender then why were the betting odds stacked against Vegas?
  4. Sounds like you're bitter the Canucks have only been to the Final 3 times in 40+ years and never won the Cup while Vegas might win it all in their first year. People don't have to like Vegas but they've earned the right to be where they are.
  5. I'm cheering for Vegas. They're a great story. Why would anyone need to apologize for their success? They've outworked every other team to get to where they are. Vegas baby!
  6. [Report] Nazem Kadri suspended 3 games

    Same here rekker. I too cheered for the Flames and Oilers during their Cup run and was angered by the hate coming from the fan base of these teams. However, some of my righteous hate against the Oilers was mollified by the classy sendoff the team and fans gave the Sedins.
  7. Maybe it's because I'm already 46 but I feel protective of the elderly and feel that society should be doing a better job to help them. But then, what am I doing? Nada. *sigh*
  8. [:(] Steve Darling leaves 650

    Goodbye Darling
  9. Sad news. RIP to a Lion among Men.
  10. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Arizona Coyotes

    The Coyotes are moving again?
  11. Marchand injures Duclair

    I would have no problem if someone ended Marchand's career a la Steve Moore. In fact, what's Todd Bertuzzi uo to these days? Maybe he can sign a 1 day contract to take out rat boy...
  12. That $6m defensemen's real value is around $4m. GMs throw around money like they were beads at Mardi Gras.
  13. Stoked to be going to see Enslaved/Wolves In The Throne Room tonight

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    2. buddhahoodlum


      I saw Slayer last time they were here in Abby and they were looking pretty tired. Still put on a great show. Anthrax killed it that night. I wish Overkill was on that bill instead of Behemoth, who I love, but I'd prefer an all thrash lineup.

    3. NUCKER67


      haha, funny you should say that, I was hoping to see Exodus as a supporting act on the Slayer tour. Yes I saw Slayer around 2 years ago in Seattle (at the Paramount). Nice dedication to Jeff Hanneman. Surprisingly quiet audience though, I was one of the few (the old guy) fist pumping and banging my head in he balcony lol

    4. NUCKER67


      Enjoy the Enslaved show tonight Buddha \m/

  14. Trent Cull himself said on 650 he didn't feel Demko was ready for the NHL yet. I'd rather not rush him. Our defence has been brutal this season. Don't want him losing confidence playing behind that dumpster fire of a defence.
  15. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Alex Biega

    Good for the Bulldog. There was some idiot on 650 last night, I think he was from Pass It To Bulis, saying we should have gotten draft picks and that we could have traded Biega for a 7th rounder. Like WTF!? I think he wanted Benning to trade everyone not named Boeser or Horvat for picks. Who is more idiotic, certain members of this fan base or the troll media? Might make for a good poll question...