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  1. I wonder if Benning can or would use Covid as a reason to ask the NHL to rescind the Luongo recapture penalty?
  2. Anson Carter was a marginal player, not a marginalized one.
  3. Taken down? What are these people scared of? Telling that they think free speech only applies to the greenies.
  4. Yes. And no. There's many ways to skin a cat badly. But there's only one way to do it that will keep the precious fur intact.
  5. Maybe while we're at it we can bring back Shawn Matthias to help show Tryamkin "how you need to use your size".
  6. What are you talking about? Canucks haven't played meaningful games in March since 2015.
  7. Yea it's one thing to have a difference of opinions. Everyone here is entitled to express said opinions, both positive and negative. And others are allowed to criticize those opinions too. But the name calling is just really, really sad. For those on here who are 12 years and under, that's fine. But the rest of us who are grown adults should be ashamed of ourselves.
  8. Wow! Just wow! A few admittedly horrible losses and this fan base (some members anyway, typically the usual suspects) turns on itself. I get we all have different opinions on how this team should be run but constantly insulting each other over it is just pathetic.
  9. He's so deserving of this honour. And to think we probably haven't even seen the best of Quinn Hughes. Mind. Blown.
  10. Are you referring to the Enlightenment-era philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau?
  11. Suddenly everything has become clearer. We're not just playing against the other team but the refs. Lol.
  12. Umm... https://images.drivebc.ca/bchighwaycam/pub/html/www/index-Northern.html DriveBC also has an app.