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  1. Glad so much of it was saved. The Cathedral doesn't just belong to Catholics or the French. It is a shared treasure for all humanity.
  2. Good luck to AV. Was my favourite Canucks coach.
  3. Awful news. As a fan of black metal I hope it isn't arson committed by idiots who idolize Varg.
  4. Back at that time TSN offered the opportunity to comment on their articles and even non-Cancuck articles commenters bashing the Canucks. And many of them had Flames and Oilers logos as their avatars.
  5. Agreed. I always cheer against Toronto, even the sports I don't care about (all of them but hockey). Yes, I will be cheering for Boston to beat the Leafs. And I will never cheer for either of the Alberta teams. The bile spewed towards the Canucks from 2011 by Alberta still bothers me. I do like Montreal and Ottawa and am sort of ok with the Jets.
  6. I bought my gf tickets to his concert but am having serious buyer's remorse. I can't stand his music.
  7. There would always be some GM willing to overpay. Maybe the Board of Govenors could work it in they could terminate 1 contract a year?
  8. I've liked that they've been in a lot more games right to the end this year. I'd say for that reason this year was slightly better.
  9. I was cheering for Boston the whole way. And I'm still bitter about 2011. That's how much I hate the Leafs.
  10. Sometimes I think we forget they are human beings first, hockey players second. A very nice read. I'm glad I cheer for a classy team like the Canucks.
  11. I am absolutely sick of this bullsh!t narrative! You people do understand CDC is not one person right? It's comprised of Canuck fans (and some haters) with different values, biases, expectations, etc. Some people wanted Guddy traded. Others wanted him kept. And they all had different reasons for that. Is this such a hard concept to grasp? Or maybe people like Warhippy and others think we should all have the same opinion that they do?
  12. Stoked to be going to see Enslaved/Wolves In The Throne Room tonight

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    2. buddhahoodlum


      I saw Slayer last time they were here in Abby and they were looking pretty tired. Still put on a great show. Anthrax killed it that night. I wish Overkill was on that bill instead of Behemoth, who I love, but I'd prefer an all thrash lineup.

    3. NUCKER67


      haha, funny you should say that, I was hoping to see Exodus as a supporting act on the Slayer tour. Yes I saw Slayer around 2 years ago in Seattle (at the Paramount). Nice dedication to Jeff Hanneman. Surprisingly quiet audience though, I was one of the few (the old guy) fist pumping and banging my head in he balcony lol

    4. NUCKER67


      Enjoy the Enslaved show tonight Buddha \m/

  13. Bob "The Moj" Marjanovich told a Team1040 listener today to "move to the States and shoot somebody". Do you think this is something he should be suspended for?

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    2. buddhahoodlum


      Sorry Tort's rant but I am not a reactionary and I would condemn his statement regardless of recent events. I don't have an axe to grind. I also never get offended at words. Hell, I listen to music some might consider pretty vile  But I feel a line was crossed.


      His words were also meant to stifle discussion/debate on a contentious issue. Basically Moj was saying I'm right and if you support gun rights you are an idiot.

    3. coastal.view


      forget your hypotheticals van gnome

      go listen to it and address the issue

      everyone knows context and other factors colour what happened

      don't water down the situation just because you feel you can

    4. VanGnome


      @coastal.view like I said, if someone were to post a direct URL to the clip then sure I will listen and give a more pointed opinion. The OP vaguely said "today". I'm sorry but I don't have time to be rifling through archives of radio footage on their site to try and figure out precisely when the topic at hand was discussed.

      Until then, suck it and live with my hypotheticals since all I can rightly fully provide is my objective reasoning of both sides of the argument since I have no direct context to the situation -- only biased narratives.

  14. buddhahoodlum