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  1. There were also plenty on here that were dead set against going after Karlsson, either through trade or via free agency.
  2. Slavery never went away. The slave masters just found it was easier to have the slaves provide their own housing and food and call it "earning a living".
  3. Is that he's so-so good, as in not very good, or he's so, so good?
  4. The NHL is an absolute joke, it's corrupt, the officiating is brutal more often than it is decent. Honestly, if I wasn't so passionate about the Canucks I would love to just stop paying attention to it and stick to playing NHL 20.
  5. Sucks for Granlund. He did everything he was asked to do while he was here. Hope he can get a fresh start with another team.
  6. I always hated the guy but when he skated over to Markie to show his support last game in Pittsburgh was a class move.
  7. RIP Marie. I was a diehard metalhead at the time, but I loved this song when it came out. Still do.
  8. I've seen Edler out in the shootout so why not Hughes? #FreeQuinnHughes
  9. I didn't mind the trade at the time even though I knew almost nothing about Horvat. Mostly based on the fact Schneider was 26 and Horvat 18.
  10. I'm sure we're all sold on him being a bona fide NHLer by now. He's been great. Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't he been mostly deployed as a winger as of late? Despite what some people on here want to believe, Gaudette is not an upgrade on Sutter. Not at the centre position.
  11. I don't want it to seem like I'm disrespecting our veterans, BUT... if our soldiers protect our rights and freedoms then where were they when: 1) our government sent Japanese-Canadians to internment camps and dispossessed them of their homes? 2) or when aboriginal children where forcibly removed from their homes and placed in murder camps, I mean residential schools? 3) and where were the soldiers when the police would beat, pepper spray, illegally infiltrate and confiscate cell phones and laptops from concerned citizens, dubbed "protesters" by the State and media during the various APEC, G8, WTO, G20 (at the G20 summit in Toronto a York Region PO was caught on camera saying "this ain't Canada right now", implying a police coup and creation of a temporary police state) and other summits held in Canada? 4) or Prime Minister Borden enacted the Wartime Elections Act in 1917, which stripped many people of the right to vote who would have opposed conscription. This all in a bid (which worked!) to force Canadian men to go overseas and die for the benefit of some rich old European duke? Whose interests do our soldiers really serve? Outside of WW2 and the War of 1812 (and other battles waged against the USA which I would say is the only country that has actually posed a threat to Canada) I can't think of a single enemy that has threatened "our rights and freedoms", as is so often parroted. Maybe you mean Canadian business rights and freedoms? I'm not dumping on our soldiers. They do what they think is the right thing. But sometimes the biggest enemy is on the home front.