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  1. I love seeing Manny's look of disbelief when he realizes that the shoot-out goal wasn't Pettersson's 'sick' move but his 'go-to' move! Looks like Elias has a ton of skill! So much confidence as well. When he says he should give the fans something more on the shoot-out because he is 'under a microscope'...I really like hearing that confidence from a young player!!!
  2. I like the fact that he is learning from older players that have won Stanley Cups! Hopefully he gets the chance to ask them what it takes to win at the highest level. Also gives him a chance to learn a few veteran secrets/techniques from some of the best in the business!! Plus his team looks pretty stacked so hopefully they can win it all!!!
  3. Todd Bertuzzi
  4. According to Pro Hockey Rumours, the average cost per point in the NHL is about $100,000 per point. This is almost exactly where Brandon Sutter is expected to land as well. Plus Brandon plays on the PK which makes him a more well rounded player.
  5. According to SB Nation 'Eyes on the prize' the average scoring for a 2nd line C is 39-55 points which is exactly where Sutter is on pace to land.
  6. " I read this and I couldn't believe that the Canucksarmy writer could keep trashing Sutter without doing more research: "In all likelihood, Sutter's just been exceedingly lucky over the course of much of his career" Haha you have to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good! Analytics can paint any kind of picture you want. Be careful when you don't do all the research required to fully understand them.
  7. I like that Subban is going to have to push his way onto the big club. It's been a very long time since we've had internal competition for our defensemen on the team. Speaks volumes about the job Benning has done building the 'D' in the last two years. Hopefully Juolevi and Brisebois will have to compete and challenge for a spot in the following years instead of being brought up for lack of depth.
  8. Looked like a dive by both Anaheim players...
  9. Who is Tom Nilsson and where did he come from...?!?
  10. Down by three goals and I never felt we were out of the game. I didn't know who was going to score for us, but we were certainly getting chances. Last year, if we were down by a goal, I felt like we were in trouble. With this group this year, I felt like we had a chance to come back. I haven't felt that in a while. It's certainly early in the season and the Hurricanes might not be the most structured or talented team, but we got the win and we did it with a come-from-behind victory. Great bonding moment for the team! Beat the teams you are supposed to beat. Especially impressed that we came back to win after a back-to-back night. Usually the team with little rest starts to slow down in the third. We seemed to get stronger as the game went along and then in!!!
  11. 7 points in two games! I bet Benning and Linden are all smiles as they watch team Sweden play their games. I wonder how many Canuck fans are cheering for team Sweden to do incredibly well. I'd love to see a Canada/Sweden final!!! Nice to see a trigger man finish on some great passes by the twins.
  12. Congratulations Henrik!!! Great to see such a hard working and talented player getting the respect he deserves. The twins really do get over-looked (in my opinion) in the NHL. Excellent to see them get the respect they deserve in their own country and on the world stage! Congratulations to Daniel as well for getting an 'A'. Team Sweden will be my second team to root for during this World Cup of Hockey. Hopefully a gold and silver medal come to Canada and Sweden!!! Excited to see how the twins create some chemistry with Loui Eriksson.
  13. Wow what a great letter! The sacrifices that his mother made are incredible. What a tough road to make it into the NHL. I remember hearing some stories during the olympics in Vancouver about Bobby and his dad. This sure sheds some light on the subject. Good luck to you and the rest of your career Bobby Ryan, you and your mother deserve a break!!! Hopefully you will be the kind of parent to your children that your mother was with you!
  14. Nice to see out of 30 NHL teams, we have 3 of the top rated 50 prospects. An average of 1.66 prospects per team and we round out at 3. Also great to have a prospect in the top 10!
  15. Anyone remember why Tallon was let go from the Chicago Blackhawks organization: "The paperwork for a number of Hawks, including Kris Versteeg, Cam Barker, Ben Eager, Colin Fraser, Aaron Johnson and Troy Brouwer may have been filed incorrectly. As a result, the club may have violated the NHL's Collective Bargaining Agreement and the group could be classified as unrestricted free agents." Another interesting article: It's funny to read about how poor of a job Benning is doing and how much better Tallon would be, when Tallon has made more grievous GM errors. That being said, I think JB and DT are both excellent evaluators of professional hockey players. A GM is selected to gather a group of players that can play a team game. I'd take an excellent evaluator in both skill and character traits over an analytics pro or a lawyer that can decipher the rules of the NHL.