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  1. Reid Boucher | LW

    2 goals for Boucher tonight. 24 points in 22 games with 13 goals... I feel like he is doing it without much support, especially since Goldobin was called up!
  2. Brendan Gaunce | #50 | C

    I like Gaunce. Right now he is a really good 187-foot player...
  3. Perfect! Travel for the Canucks gets easier just as we are becoming a competitor for the cup!
  4. There's an outstanding warrant out for a Benning... Jim

    Woops, yeah I should have checked that! I heard a commentator during the game say something about Pouliot being part of the Sutter deal and I assumed it was the pick we gave them. Thanks for correcting me. Still interesting that we got both Sutter and Pouliot which is what Pittsburgh received for Jordan Staal.
  5. There's an outstanding warrant out for a Benning... Jim

    I didn't realize that Pouliot was picked with the draft pick we gave Pittsburgh in the Sutter/Bonino trade. Benning gettin' his picks back... **This is wrong, I didn't check it first! Pouliot was an 8th overall draft pick.**
  6. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    Our power play of the future is exciting to think about! Boeser on the left dropping bombs. Pettersson on the right with his howitzer. Gadjovich in front of the net swatting in rebounds. Juolevi on the point and hopefully a #1 Dman from the 2018 draft. We might score a goal on every single power play that we have...
  7. Kevin Bieksa one punch, miss him.

    Good read about Bieksa and his top 10 moments as a Canuck:
  8. Kevin Bieksa one punch, miss him.

    Such a great story about Bieksa when he was in the AHL... “One night after a game in Winnipeg, in which I don’t think he played, they went to a local establishment. Fedor Fedorov was sitting at a table and Bieksa walked by the table, bumped him by accident and spilled Fedorov’s beer. Bieksa apologized and offered to buy another beer.” According to Burke, Fedorov was in no mood for the apology from the unknown rookie and challenged him to a fight outside. Bieksa again tried to defuse the situation, according to Burke, but Fedorov wanted to fight. “So, they go outside. Fedor was a big guy, he was a lot bigger than his brother Sergei,” said Burke. “Then Fedor comes in and Bieksa drills him with one punch. Knocks him stone cold and cut wide-open and leaves him lying on the pavement.” Burke said Bieksa figured he was done with the Canucks organization and would be sent home the next day. “Send him home? I said, ‘We’re going to sign him tomorrow,'” said Burke, whose affinity for truculence is well-established.
  9. [PGT] Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Leads the Canucks in PIMs
  10. Could loan Philip Holm to the Växjö HC where he played last year. That gets rid of one of the vet from Utica. He could even get paired with Juolevi!
  11. Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    Hopefully he keeps developing chemistry with Elias Pettersson on the Växjö Lakers and gets top line playing time! If not, maybe he gets sent to TPS Turku and starts developing chemistry with Petrus Palmu and Olli Juolevi!
  12. I'd be curious to know if Benning still would have dealt for Pouliot if Pedan didn't clear waivers. It sounds like the deal was in place only if Pedan cleared. If Andrey didn't clear and was picked up by another team, who would JB have traded to get Pouliot? Or would he have just walked away from the deal knowing that we were already down an AHL defensemen? It seems like JB has been going hard for Pouliot for a few years (speculated Kesler trade). I think he would have traded someone else from Utica and that the real interest from Pittsburg was the 4th round pick, since they could have claimed Pedan off waivers for free.
  13. I'm interested to see if Benning will take advantage of our first place position in the waiver wire now. Maybe that helped in making the trade instead of waiting for Pouliot on waivers? Trade for Pouliot and pick someone up from VGK... although, that would mean two players added that have to play on the roster!
  14. Does this mean Biega goes on waivers today?
  15. [Waivers] Tuesday player movement

    With Colorado selecting a player and Vegas as well, I believe that gives us the first choice at any future waiver players. Hopefully some team is trying to sneak a good player down today and we get to capitalize!!!