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  1. Protecting Jordan Staal twice? Bold move.
  2. tfw too many wins to tank but too few to make the playoffs. Someone trade me a LWer.
  3. Well the comeback was always a long shot. Congratulations @Drouin, hopefully you win it this year.
  4. QUEBEC NORDIQUES UPDATED ROSTER Vasilli Friedli (8.0B) - Frederick Ferrante (8.5B) - Alex DeBrincat Maxime Comtois (8.5C) - Tiger Hay (8.5B) - Julien Gauthier Kristian Vesalainen (8.0C) - Jermaine Obninsky (8.0B) - Boone Jenner Alex Killorn - Scott Laughton - Villam Bortnak (6.5A) Noah Hanifin - Mark Croft (9.0C) John Carlson - Sven Bregnard (8.5C) Ian McCoshen - Brett Pesce Alexander Krief (7.0B) Christian Benoit (8.5C) Samuel Montembeault CBJ 2025 1st, MIN 2025 1st, QBC 2025 1st trying to make the playoffs is overrated.
  5. Looking to move: Alexander Ovechkin* (Can retain) Anze Kopitar* (Can retain) Boone Jenner (Can retain) Tiger Hay (8.5B Center, looking for a similar prospect with a different position) Kacper Michaud (Can retain) John Carlson (Can retain) Jake Muzzin Braden Holtby (Can retain) Looking to rebuild and acquire picks and prospects for these players. *Indicates recently re-signed, must wait to 9 (?) game mark.
  6. Draisaitl makes it a series. Made up a few points tonight as well, with potentially two more holtby wins it could be an upset. Good luck in the rest of the series @Drouin
  7. Holtby still OTB idek
  8. Just chiming in to say Gudbranson is quantifiably among the worst defenceman on the Canucks.
  9. I need an AGM who can run my team for the next couple weeks. I'm going to be hella busy.
  10. Looking to trade Braden Holtby. Can retain.
  11. My team reeked of 1st round exit so not too surprised here. Good series and great playoff run @DoughtysCheck
  12. So we're 100% not vetoing that? seems strange we can just move one of the best teams in the league into the west without even consulting the GMs like the league would have to IRL.
  13. Colorado Avalanche Round 2 Playoff Roster:
  14. Absolutely crucial for me that Boston eliminates Ottawa and (sigh) Washington beats Toronto If i have any chance to beat Winnipeg in the 2nd round. San Jose facing Edmonton was brutal for me.
  15. CHEESE.