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  1. ELI5: Cover for the sheriff? strategy seems to have evolved since i last played.
  2. Pretty easy lynch of BW then, confirms our sheriff alignment. unvote; vote Beluga Whale
  3. We basically need to lynch one of them to confirm though.
  4. BW coming up as mafia, assuming either paranoid or extremely lucky.
  5. still loling @ 'TL too good'
  6. No response yet
  7. Beluga Whale just now
  8. Visibility
  9. Vote Time Lord i am Chamille Desboulins, the sheriff.
  10. I'm in if poss?
  11. best flag pls
  12. Colorado Avalanche recall Adam Pelech Haydn Fleury Brendan Perlini
  13. Axel Martinsson
  14. I will give 5th overall to anyone for the same d man you were gonna offer mickey.
  15. Match. Colorado looks forward to seeing how much they will be paying Nikita Zadorov and Alex Chiasson.