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  1. The majority of the clan is th9. Some are maxed, I'm close to max just need walls and heroes before th10. A few th8s th11s and the second most is th10s.
  2. Hey a person by the name of jjcrum87 tried to join and was rejected. A member didn't I made a post here and didn't know any better. If you still want to join I'll let them know to accept.
  3. I found the game a lot more fun when I joined this clan. Everyone talks hockey and it's like a group of friends. If you ever feel like playing again let me know.
  4. We have a pretty well established Canucks clan atm. We war everyday and it's invite only. Really friendly clan with some pretty high ranked members. If you'd like to join just request to join on CoC and say you saw this message on cdc, because we usually decline everyone who try to join during a war. To know you're joining the right Canucks clan were rank 7 and have around 38 active members. If it's still difficult you can look who's in the clan and look for "kent".
  5. Ahahah good! It's a great console. You won't regret it! Especially with titanfall!
  6. Lol nice! That was such a mess he made back then.
  7. Or sh*t your pants.
  8. Carbs can make you retain water, yes. sodium is the worst by far for it though.
  9. To be honest 4 pounds isn't a lot. Could be as simple as you eating something differently that's making you retain more water. That would be my best guess. If you're in a routine and haven't shifted much from it you should stay the same. I wouldn't worry about it to much. But If you are, then try to keep track or how many calories you eat a day on average. That way if you stay the same you can either increase of decrease your intake depending on your goals.
  10. Depends, what type of workouts do you do? And what's your usual calorie intake, has it gone up or down the past couple weeks?
  11. I honestly have no idea if it would be or not. It could go either way I think, how much is it worth? That's awesome to here. I've heard nothing but good things from the people who've played the alpha/beta.
  12. Titanfall is exclusive to xbox and pc. But ya, playing with friends is always more fun for any console. The controller is by far the best I've ever felt as well. Takes a couple days to get used to. But it's pretty orgasmic lol. Mine is oGraphic. I don't play much right now, but when titanfall comes out I'll be on all the time.
  13. I see you've come to the dark side. Congrats ahaha. What games are you running/going to be?
  14. That's incredible news, I love that franchise. Ya I know, I love playing a game and watching twitch at the same time In the corner. Or skyping my girlfriend while we both watch Netflix.