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  1. Point leader ................. Henrik Top goal scorer .............. Daniel Best defenseman .............. Tanev Most valuable player ......... Henrik Biggest disappointment ....... Hamhuis Most surprising player ....... Markstrom Best shootout performer ...... Vrbata Best fight of the year ....... Prust slaps Ferland around
  2. Do any of you going to these practices use Periscope? Apple/Android App store As long as there is wifi at the facility, you could stream the event live without any cost to you.
  3. Oilers win 1st pick for the 7th time in 9 years
  4. lol, Raymond with a solo dump and chase
  5. There isn't much to dislike about JVs game, but he needs to take his puck pursuit game to the next level. I'm liking the Jeff Carter comparison too.
  6. Gooseberries, do you know if this anger was carried over from the previous game?
  7. http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/jrhockey-buzzing-the-net/london-knights-windsor-spitfires-wild-line-brawl-ohl-131448075.html There is a report here if you're interested. Windsor Spitfires' Cristiano DiGiacinto was suspended too. Crazy game
  8. Gillis brought this team to rock bottom with the shovel of stupidity.
  9. You remember the Pacific Coliseum being built in the late 60s
  10. This self entitled country club mentality is Gillis' vision. I seriously doubt he is going to bring in a coach that will disturb this "Winning Culture" he has spent the past 6 years building. I think the new coach will be AV 2.0
  11. Obviously a troll post!. lol
  12. With the 1st line getting less ice time that usual, Burrows being out with a Shoulder injury for a little while and teams learning to defend against their line, it's understandable why his numbers were down a little. Chara is that much of a beast that anybody going to the net was going to get abused. For the most part, our team was only going to be scoring on rushes because they didn't give us time in front of their net. Daniel said in an interview that Burrows doesn't get the attention he deserves and that he is a very smart hockey player and understands the game well. So, unless you know more about the game than those Sedins, I'd say you were a few french fries short of a happy meal. I think it was the comments Burrows and Kesler made towards Dave Backes' wife (St Louis playoff series 2008/2009) that prompted the team to talk to the boys about keeping the chirping down and stay focused on the game. The following season Burrows finished off the year with a career high 35 goals and 32 Assist.