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  1. Regular season draft for this league is Sunday Sept 29th. Seven owners so far. All metro Vancouver based all the way out to Abbotsford. Are you keen to join a serious but fun keeper league with rookies, trading, monthly waiver drafts and more? Email me at for more info.
  2. Still looking for quality owners looking for a first year keeper league. This is about as real as it gets. Email me or PM me!
  3. Gents, This league is growing. Seven owners so far. All from the Metro Vancouver area. Are you a fan of hockey pools? Want into a keeper league format with the first year this upcoming season? Maybe get together for drafts live in person? See a game in the Vancouver area? Head down to Seattle for a Seahawks or Mariners game? Well, this league could be for you. Email me any questions you might have!
  4. Looking for 8 to 12 savvy, keen, smart owners to participate in a well run fantasy KEEPER league. Group would meet for the inaugural draft then potentially meet up for Giants, Canucks, BCHL games etc. Main roster would be on Yahoo with 26 players. 4xC, 4xLW, 4xRW, 6xD, 2xGT and 6 bench spots. Trading welcome. 8 to 9 keepers year after year. Additionally a seperate draft will take place for rookies, players (skaters or goalies) who have not yet played in 25 regular season NHL games. Rookie keepers are also 8 to 9 year to year with a maximum of 16 on your rookie roster during the hockey season. Also looking at a farm team option where players are drafted that are in the AHL etc. Instead of daily pick ups and drops, this league would have monthly waiver drafts, in reverse order of the standings, of four rounds. Trading of rookie picks, waiver picks and next seasons' draft picks are all part of it. Baseball league with very similar rules also will be offered in the Spring of 2014. Email if interested or with questions to
  5. Serious, keener fantasy hockey owners sought who want to have fun being involved in a very interactive new fantasy hockey "keeper" league. I've run leagues similar to this online, with owners across North America. Before the internet took over, I ran leagues where owners got together in person, drafting in the same room, using pen and paper. This won't be like most leagues where you draft once and forget about it. With this league you will draft in September, plan ahead for waiver drafts in each of the following months, till February (where you drop your deadbeats and add new players). Just before the main draft there will be a rookie draft where all drafted NHL rookies are eligible to be selected. This league will feature trading of picks, players, rookies and future waiver picks. So if you are "out of it" in December, you can build your team for next year. The idea is to invite owners who live and/or work in the Metro Vancouver area. Live in person drafting would still have owners using their laptops to draft via the Yahoo Hockey framework while getting together in one room. Rookie drafts and waiver drafts would take place using MSN Messenger or Google Chat but would also be possible to draft in the same room. This league will have it's own dedicated Google Sheet that tracks draft picks, rookie rosters etc. 26 players: 4 x C, 4 x LW, 4 x RW, 6 D, 2GT and 6 bench spots with 1 DL. Rookie roster of up to 12 during the season. 8 keeper rookies and 8 keeper regular players from year to year. If you fall out of contention trade for picks, waiver picks and rookies for next season. This is a Fee based league (entry fee will be $50 to $100 depending on what the majority decides) with all fees going back to top 3 winners (50%, 30%, 20%) and an amount for best second half. Reply with a bit of a bio about you and why you should be considered for the league. League details will be coming out soon but rest assured it is like nothing anyone has ever seen. It's pretty close to the real thing, in the sense that you are always building your team, whether for this year, or future years. Unlike regular drafts that end right after the initial draft, planning for the next waiver, player bid, trade, rookies etc. is always "on". If you have any further questions you can reach me by email or MSN Messenger at Rob