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  1. Pozdrowienia! My last name is Czapiewska.

  2. Nice too see another Polska,,,,by the way my last name is Orlinski,,

    Go Canucks Go!!!

  3. Name Change!

    1. The Wizard of AZ

      The Wizard of AZ

      Get out of CanuckEdge's basement!

    2. CanuckEDGE


      LOL, you changed it huh? TGC will probably like the change.

  4. You got your picks in eh? I MISSED two games for the first time all season.

  5. THe official word is private but you will see the C'Edge before the weekend NHL AllStars game. Ed says: ""M31 a new fan yet I must utter an apology so it totally balances."

  6. The Final Two choices for my new name: "CanucksEvolution" and "PolishCanuck".

  7. Message I sent to Ed:P

    Try not worry too much Ed. I sent many message to your friends here and hoping they can explain better why you were some rude last night. Nobody tells me back but it is so early still in the morning, Good Luck

  8. Good Job on the 2 article type posts today about the Lames and NJDevils. You are friends with TGC right?

  9. thanks for the friend add!

  10. Because the Sedins are my favorite NHLers.

  11. Your username bears similarities to my own.