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  1. I bet u we take the first penalty. I also bet u we take more penalty's then them. Who's the prick refs in tonight?
  2. Why doesn't the NHL fire these refs, there useless. We need new ones.
  3. Anybody know why most BlueJay post-season games are on early?
  4. Theses TBS idiots sure are pro Rangers
  5. Why oh why do we always take the first penalty....and get more then the other team?
  6. Doesn't everybody else hate the Red Sox and Yankees. What kind of league has the 2 teams in the same division. It really sucks not having a descent salary cap in the MLB.
  7. Nope when the King's won the cup, nobody booed Bettman. Mostly because nobody new who the guy was. Band wagon jumper fans.
  8. I don't know if I want a team in Seattle. I think Seattle didn't allow Vancouver to have a baseball team back in the 80's because it would get in the way of ticket sales for the Mariners.
  9. Yep and we could of had Mike Sullivan as our head coach. Dawn!
  10. Get on with it already!
  11. I believe the refs are against us. I kinda wonder how Kelly Sutherland has a job after that refing display in the San Jose series 3 years ago. U would think the Acquilini's would say something about it and have them fired. I think the Boston series was one sided and something needs to be done. I also think the Canadian teams are getting the short end of stick when it comes to reffing. It would be nice if the Canadian owners would get together and punt that little weasel Buttman out of office.
  12. The prick Sutherland.
  13. Of course the only team to take a penalty is the Canucks