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  1. Good on Kane. I hope the rest of the NHL players back him for his statement. I don't care how educated Parros is or the fact that he used to be a goon so he has experience. The DOPS as a whole has been trash and needs to be revamped or given to a third party as mentioned.
  2. I never want to see Schaller in over Bailey or Mac, hell of a game and major energy by the youngins.
  3. Good proposal, not sure if NJD would go for it but seems along the lines of what could happen, a cap dump both ways for fresh starts. Toffoli would be a great pick up for us and round out our top 6 nicely.
  4. Not ruling them off, I actually like many of them, but we only have so much room on the roster. Makes sense to start trading the excess for other needed assets as others start making the team. Yes, I'm a Myers fan and realistically I don't see us moving on from him, but I'm high on Woo and can see him making Myers expendable if he still has value when time comes. Same with Gaudette, I don't think he's bad, but possibly slightly overrated. If Petey taught us anything, don't discount a player on his size, Madden plays hard! Most of our team is young now. Benning did build for the future, and the future is now! I would trade Marky too and only trade Tanman if we find a better replacement on that top pair.
  5. Hello fellow Canucks fans and hockey fans. So I have been trying to figure out our succession plan moving forward and how our line-up may look in the future. Before I continue, this is not me saying any piece I think is expendable means they will/should be traded, or that the players I believe will make the team will make it right away, just a general idea of who is untouchable and who isn’t and where they may fit moving forward, especially with our roster becoming very crowded. Currently, this is how I see our core: Miller - Pettersson - Boeser 2LW - Horvat - 2RW 3LW - 3C - Virtanen Motte - 4C - 4RW Players not listed: Pearson, Leivo, Roussel, Gaudette, Beagle, Sutter, Ferland, Schaller, Eriksson, Baertschi Prospects: LW: Hogslander, Goldobin, Gadjovich, Palmu, McDonough RW: Podkolzin, Lind, Jasek, Macewen, Lockwood, Plasek C: Madden, Focht, Karlsson Hughes - Tanev 2LD - 2RD 3LD - 3RD Players not listed: Myers, Edler, Stecher, Fantenberg, Benn Prospects: LD: Juolevi, Rathbone, Tryamkin, Brisebois, Utunen, Sautner, Teves RD: Woo, Rafferty, Chatfield Markstrom Demko Prospects: Dipietro, Kielly, Silovs, Thiessen Thanks to our management team, we have drafted very well, and with Jim and co. improving in their abilities to trade and sign players, our team is trending towards having a strong core supplemented by great pieces constantly for the next decade or two. The fact that we were able to pull 2 franchise level players with 5th and 7th overall picks is amazing. To the dim side of Canucks nation, yes, our management has made some mistakes and their strategy at times wasn’t the best, but welcome to the real world of business, the key is that they are learning and improving at their job and it’s boding well for us in the future. All of us have had a learning curve when starting a new job, especially at a higher position. Next, what pieces do we bank on and keep, and the result of this, who is expendable to cover a missing piece or improve a weaker area? Personally, this is how I visualize our team moving forward: Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Hoglander - Horvat - Podkolzin Pearson/Ferland - Madden - Virtanen Motte - ? - Macewen/Lockwood Expendable: Leivo, Roussel, Gaudette, Sutter, Beagle, Goldobin, Gadjovich, Palmu, McDonough, Lind, Jasek, Lockwood, Plasek, Focht, Karlsson. Let go: Schaller, Eriksson, Baerstchi. Hoglander and Podkolzin look like amazing picks, they are both playing in mens leagues and their transition should be smoother than others. Would not surprise me if they are on the main squad sooner than later. On the left side, I feel it is crucial to keep Pearson and Ferland until Hoglander has made the team. With Pearson, we maintain someone who can produce with Bo and helps us stay heavy. Ferland has major risk with his health, however, if he can return healthy, he can provide us with 40 points and physical play. Keeping Pearson is a must with the amount of risk with Ferland. Motte I see as a core piece in the bottom 6. This is my hot take. I would rather bank on Madden than Gaudette. I’m no scout but I have a gut feeling from what I’ve seen that Madden will be the better player, plus for a 3C, he also plays with some snarl. I’m not sure how great he is defensively but Gaudette has been poor on face-offs and has not been trusted with defensive duties. I also don’t think Gaudette’s potential ceiling is as high as many think it is, however, I am open to being proven wrong. Sutter can cover for Madden for another season or two until he is ready for the jump. I’m not sure about the 4C position, but it should be easy to fill in UFA moving forward once Beagle’s contract is over. Jake has taken a step and is now a very good tweener with his fast and physical play, we cannot let him go. I don’t know who to bank on between Macewen or Lockwood. They both seem like good bottom 6 guys, however, Macdaddy brings more size along with the speed and physicality, so he may be a safer choice. Lind can also be in a role like this to start out, however, as an asset he may be more valuable in trade to help us bring in something else. To summarize, Gaudette and Lind are expendable to me and can provide some solid trade value moving forward. The rest may be able to pick up decent value. Hughes - Tanev/Upgrade via trade Juolevi - Woo Rathbone - Rafferty Expendable: Fantenberg, Benn, Edler, Stecher, Tryamkin, Brisebois, Utunen, Sautter, Teves, Myers, Chatfield Hughes, nuff said. Tanev is the perfect piece to play with Hughes. Unless we can trade for a top pair RHD, he fits the bill. Juolevi is being groomed to take over Edler’s minutes. He will be crucial to our success moving forward and is becoming a PK beast in Utica while scoring at a very nice pace. I believe in Woo, hopefully he can be our Bieksa moving forward. While he is developing, we can manage with Myers and Tryamkin. Once he is ready, I see them as expendable. Rathbone is one of my favourite prospects and trending to be a better piece than where I have him. Him translating will make our D one of the strongest in the league. Rafferty is having a strong season in Utica and should be a main stay sooner than later. Definitely seems like he is setting the inevitable end to Stecher’s tenure as a Canuck, making him an expendable piece. Our expendable pieces on D are probably not worth much, but I’m sure some can be there as 7-8 dmen and the rest may be able to be had for decent value. Demko Dipietro Expendable: Markstrom, Kielly, Silovs, Thiessen I believe in Markstrom, but I also believe in cap space and age. There will be some growing pains, however, Demko has proven to be a solid NHL goalie and is looking more and more like a starter. Yes it would be nice to have him groomed a little longer, but the business side of things may prevent this. We can still move on from Marky, get a nice asset, and sign a cheaper 1B goalie for the next couple of seasons until Mikey is ready. This is my summary, what are your opinions? Reality is that we cannot keep everyone, so who do you believe players will be ready to make the jump soon, who would you keep and who do you think is expendable? Discuss!
  6. I'm not gonna pretend like I watch every Utica game but I'm almost 100% sure that's an exaggeration on Juolevi's skating ability. He's been known as a strong smooth skater since his draft and I haven't seen any complain of his skating anywhere else. He also plays a different style of game, not a rush player, more of the silky smooth first pass guy.
  7. 0 powerplay goals in the last 30, maybe it's time to try Virtanen or Gaudette in his place at PP1?
  8. I highly doubt that they wait that long with Juolevi when the plan was to get him to the NHL last Christmas. The succession plan is hard to understand right now with a crowded roster but I'm sure they want to get some of these kids in sooner than later.
  9. To be fair, skillset and age needs to be factored in that. The only player I would maybe take Boeser over is Tarasenko. The rest of that list are easily better players.
  10. Kesler wanted to win and it was obvious to him that our roster wasn't going to be able to. As he mentioned on the radio, as you grow older, you realize that you're mortal and that opportunity to win may not come again. I respect him for how bad he wants to win. Maybe if he was younger he would have been okay with sinking with the ship until the team was okay to compete again. We are now becoming a playoff team and clearly he was right not to do that with where he is right now in his career. As far as I remember, he kept his ask for a trade internal but it was leaked by media. He was professional and he did what he thought was right. Has always shown love for the city and its fans. True warrior. Voted yes easily.
  11. To be honest, and this is totally off the top of my head, I feel college kids have had a quicker impact on their NHL teams in general, Gaudette seems like more of an anomaly. However, get him here and see where he's at, if he's not ready, no harm in sending him down.
  12. Our losing streaks always happen when he's injured
  13. I disagree, I like Myers' offensive ability more and the second powerplay has been very good. No need to change it. As you mentioned this way we also reduce Edler's TOI. He's getting up there in age and it would be smart to maintain less ice time so he doesn't get as fatigued!
  14. If there was something I could ask Brock to work on it would be his one-timer. I've seen often that he would have a clear one-timer at the net but he stops the puck and looks for a wrist shot or hesitates, both causing the clear lane to the net to disappear. If he started clapping one-tees more often I assume it would help alleviate pressure off Petey as many teams overload on his side during powerplays right now and provide our PP more lethal options.