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  1. It's gonna take a heck of a lot to land Dobson, that package and taking Ladd wouldn't even do it alone.
  2. If I recall correctly it was confirmed way back when on 650 radio (can't remember if it was an insider or Canucks management) that Olli was not the prospect going through the video game addiction.
  3. You're definitely not Deb, wasn't directed at you. Personally, I would not go clubbing right now, but Jake is catching unwarranted heat in my opinion. He was not ignoring protocols and he's being unfairly criticized by people saying he was. There is no rule to where a mask is mandatory unless indicated by the specific company. Everyone was socially distant at the club and as you can see, Jake was with his bubble. It is not selfish for anyone to enjoy life within the mandated rules. Clubs are not like they usually are right now, everyone has to stay at their table just like a restaurant. Also, to those arguing the death rate, it's about saving the % that could die because of it. Every life counts. Enjoy the new normal to the safest that you can by following the rules presented wherever you may go.
  4. Right on Stefan! We gotta have our boys backs when the negative side of our fanbase and media try to drag them for no reason.
  5. The pandemic is real, however, the way clubs are right now is not the same. It's limited amount of people and you have to stay at your table/area. I don't personally see anything wrong with going out with a couple of friends in a safety precautioned area where numbers are low and not coming in contact with strangers.
  6. I'm pretty sure clubs have a lot of safety precautions in place alongside no dance floors and you can only be with your friends in your bubble. So nothing wrong with him going out with a couple of friends. Major reach tbh lol.
  7. Context. He was talking about any other alternative pick at that spot would need at least 2 years to develop, so the two year contract or the "Russian factor" did not scare us from the pick. Podkolzin was deemed NHL ready by almost everyone.
  8. I agree, seems like a good comparison. Would be interesting to see what his defensive game is at in the NHL and if they would trust him with PK time within his first season.
  9. Virtanen was physically ready for the NHL, his play as a whole was not NHL ready. Podkolzin is physically ready and has a defensive game that is said to be at a level that will be successful at the pro level already. Much different. He definitely has the potential to be a third line winger right now.
  10. Pretty much all insiders and media people said he was a top 5 pick if it wasn't for the Russian factor during the draft. Elliotte Friedman even asked Benning why the 2 years in Russia didn't scare us off like the other GM's.
  11. In my opinion it was multiple factors, mostly Hughes to lessen time in the defensive zone and Myers taking some of the load off of him.
  12. Likely to replace Stecher's cap hit I'd assume, brings more size as well to the bottom pairing.
  13. It's almost a guarantee then that Tanev stays to be part of the RHD on the PK with Myers next season unless we bring in someone through free agency. There's no way we run with Stecher on the second unit if Rafferty can't share the load. Even if he can, I doubt we take a chance on that while trying to compete.
  14. Did Rafferty kill penalties with the Comets? I tried searching this topic but couldn't find an answer.
  15. @The 5th Line Canada has only been implementing safety measures such as non essential closures and social distancing while quarantining high risk individuals since mid march, for 2 months. Looking at death rates and coming up with a hypothesis is the most naive approach one can take. If safety measures aren't in place, it affects multiple relationships. The death rate may be low, however, the disease increases exponentially. With the exponential increase, that death rate becomes more deadly. With more individuals becoming sick, the capacity at hospitals becomes lower, with less having access to help, the death rate increases. Along with this, other variables can be affected such as healthcare workers becoming sick which also lessens how many individuals can be helped, etc. The economy in my opinion would be worse off if shutdowns did not occur because eventually everything would be shut down and recovery would take longer from a lower point. Flattening the curve is crucial, there is no argument. Saving every single life possible is important. You cannot argue an accident or heart disease against something like this. This is a contagious disease and being selfish can harm others, not just yourself. It has preventable measures to minimize its impact and it is our duty to ensure everyones safety around us. People of all ages have died around the world because of COVID, we are blessed that we have great control in BC, but that doesn't mean we should underestimate how bad it can get.