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  1. Haven't seen too much of him, but if Podkolzin has as high as a skillset as many state, there's no way we could pass on him, we should be drafting the highest skillset possible, period.
  2. Who was the player? Also, if that was used to undermine the league quality, Liiga is probably a top 5 league in the world. Juolevi developed quite a bit there as he was playing top minutes come playoff time. He didn't make the team out of camp, so what? Do I wish a top 5 pick would be on the team already? Of course. He was on track to be up by Christmas and got unlucky with injuries, he'll make the team this year. Playing big minutes in Utica as the #1 D versus playing on the bottom pair in the NHL potentially had a lot to do with him not making the team out of camp as well.
  3. Wouldn't take too long to just do a 5 minute google search to see that every team does this. OP's title is a bad take. FA is a good owner, be happy he cares about the team and is willing to spend to make it better. Many people who criticize him have no background in business and it shows.
  4. 650 by a landslide. I haven't listened to 1040 in a long time but 650 has many NHL related guests as in players, management, agents and media (probably helps having Auld as a connection), regular weekly segments with Bertuzzi, O'Brien, Friedman, Murphy, etc just to name a few, and in my opinion they have proper discussions about situations where in the past it seemed that TSN1040 always had discussions with a negative bias present. To be fair, it also depends on what segments you choose to listen to for both stations.
  5. In his d+1, the Knights lost Dvorak's 121 points, Marner's 116 points and Tkachuk's 107 points. OJ managed to put up the same amount of points with the loss of this much offence. Juolevi had great growth as a 19 year old player in Finland to the point where he was able to handle the workload of being their #1 dman in the playoffs because of injuries. Juolevi was Utica's #1 dman and would've been on the Canucks for the second half of the season if he was not hurt. Juolevi has had defensive struggles, many young players do. I'm not concerned with it because he has high hockey IQ and he'll figure it out, it's all part of the process. He hasn't made the team out of camp but that doesn't change his ceiling. Of course it would be preferred that a 5th overall pick makes the team sooner than later, but if taking more time with the player ensures they develop properly to what they can be, then I'm all for it. At the end of the day, he's only 20 years old. Making the big club at 21 is still very good.
  6. What does that have to do with his overall 2 way game lol, he was fine last season. Major injury and came in a little bulky probably hurting his speed, but he's been a major liability this whole season pretty much. Constant turnovers from poor decision making. I'm sure he'll have a solid off season of training and come back a better overall player!
  7. Wouldn't say it is misinformation, just did not delve into the full detail, but to your points. You could use the same argument for Mete being the #1 offensive D while Juolevi got all the defensive minutes, hence him still being the top D man. Regarding the Liiga situation, it was due to injury but the fact that he elevated and played the role of a #1 is impressive. Don't think that's how a #1 D man is determined, that would be the guy that plays all situations, plays the most minutes and has the most talent, and that was Juolevi, not Sautner.
  8. Feels like I gotta keep posting the same thing in OJ threads because the same points come up, but: He was the #1 dman on his junior team, became the #1 dman on his adult Liiga team (at 19 years old), the #1 dman on his AHL team in the second best league in the world (at age 20). But he is a bust because he didn't make the NHL before being 20 years old. Or because the players drafted around him have played games which have no relation to his development. He has ran his team's power play at every level, he has very high hockey IQ and his passing skills are amazing. He makes mistakes on defence, young dmen do that, he'll learn from them.
  9. I can take a loss if the effort is there. No effort. No structure. Nothing. Just pathetic.
  10. So what I got from this thread so far is that Hughes is a bust but also the next Bobby Orr
  11. I remember when I read these posts in the Boeser thread and then the Pettersson thread. Hughes will be on the Canucks starting roster next season.
  12. Being a homer is fine because it is opinion based, but don't post false facts. SHL is a top 4 league in the world.
  13. Benning is super excited in the post-pick interview, and so am I, awesome pick! LETS GO