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  1. yeah for the last two goals? that's what I thought, I like it though haha
  2. *In a parallel universe* Canucks select Ehlers and Tkatchuk with their 6th and 5th picks, CDC complains about not picking Virtanen (a speedy Kreider-like powerforward) and Juolevi (the teams biggest need, defence, a Lidstrom esque poise PMD) You hindsight know-it-alls are embarrassing, if everyone knew how players turned out don't ya think every team would pick those players before lol? For every miss that's being complained about, we've also hit many diamonds (Demko, Boeser, Tryamkin..etc) Benning is doing a HELL OF A GOOD job with drafting. Jake is finally developing properly down in Utica and is starting to put up points lately, Jake's biggest thing is taking that next step mentally, becoming an everyday pro like Bo and Troy, once he does that, we'll have a really good power forward who can skate like the wind. For everyone complaining about Juolevi.. get a life, kid's doing great. He'll be an elite PMD D-man in the NHL I have no doubt. Have some god damn patience lol..
  3. Change up the PP it's not working. Structure.. take Sutter off the first unit.. playing players on their off wings to set up some one timers.. Ovi wouldn't be reel gud if he played on the right just sayin...
  4. Still don't get why we don't play players on their off wing on the PP and the last minute so we can set up one timers...
  5. Simple question, what pieces are we actually missing to complete the rebuild? Are we closer or further than we actually think we are? Canucks current prospect depth Now I made this chart of player potential based on an NHL gaming kind of format. Top line being high chances/green star, middle line being medium chances/yellow star, and last line being low chances/red star. ----------------------------------- Forwards ----------------------------------- Elite - - Boeser - - - Horvat - ----------------------------------- Top 6 - - Baertschi - Gaudette - Lockwood Virtanen - Zhukenov - Rodin ----------------------------------- Bottom 6 - - Granlund - Sutter - - Gaunce - Jasek ----------------------------------- - - - Cassels - Stewart - Zalewski - Grenier ----------------------------------- Defence ----------------------------------- Top Pairing Juolevi - - Stecher - ----------------------------------- Top 4 Hutton - Tryamkin- Brisebois - Gudbranson ----------------------------------- Top 6 - Subban Pedan - Neill Olsen - ----------------------------------- Goalies ----------------------------------- Number 1 Demko Markstrom ----------------------------------- Backup Garteig ----------------------------------- Potential 5 year Lineup _____ - _____ - Boeser Baertschi – Horvat – Lockwood Virtanen – Gaudette – _____ _____ - Gaunce - _____ Juolevi – Stecher Hutton – Gudbranson Brisebois – Tryamkin Demko Gartieg ----------------------------------- Now I'm not saying this is how prospects will exactly turn out and how the line up will look in 5 years, but just starting up a discussion as to where we are and what we can do to get to where we want to be. Personally, the first thing I would do is find a deal for a #1 young Centre around Tanev. For example, Tanev + 2nd + for someone like Reinhart. I don't mind overpaying to get a position of need, since I feel as though the rest of our team is taken care of so we do not need to be too hard on asset management. Next, I'd hope we end up in the top 5 of the draft and draft a top winger, someone such as Casey Mittelstadt maybe. Mittelstadt - Reinhart - Boeser Baertschi – Horvat – Lockwood Virtanen – Gaudette – _____ _____ - Gaunce - _____ Juolevi – Stecher Hutton – Gudbranson Brisebois – Tryamkin Demko Gartieg Now fill in those empty spots with players who play well at camp or via trades/free agents and that's not a bad potential lineup if you ask me. What's all your thoughts? Are we really that far?
  6. Gaudette is playing in the east
  7. who does Gaudette play like style wise? and what is his possible ceiling and floor?
  8. I'd rather try out Subban over keeping Larsen in the line up lol..
  9. Reinhart and Kane for Tanev and Virtanen (and a small plus if needed) That would be perfect for both teams if they decide to not Play Sam on the wing (already have Eichel and O' Reilly as top 2 C) and give him up for a RD.. how is Buffalo's defence? Would they want a defenceman like Tanev? No we're not lol.. at most they would add a second, if we're lucky.
  10. Jeez, our whole team sucks minus Tryamkin, Stecher, Bo and Miller right now. Lets judge him a few years from now when he's fully developed and we don't ice a crap team.
  11. hahahah right? guys like Subban and Pietrangelo weren't even PPG in their draft +1 years, pretty sure they turned out fine.. Olli is intelligent, he'll be good.
  12. Owners - set expectation (want competitive team, care for future) Linden - final say in all decisions Benning - in-charge of aquiring player personnel that will help us win, taking the mess that was leftover and turning it over as fast as he can to please a non-patient fanbase, even more-so since he has to stay competitive and cannot blow it up. Willie - in-charge of players during game-time. All in all it's a group effort. I'm tired of everyone trashing Linden and Benning for wanting to keep a winning and competitive environment and when they make bold moves to try and make us better. Reading people hate on stupid things like "oh watch Benning trade a blue-chip for an aging winger", like when has that happened? All he has done is make bold trades to try and help us now AND in the long term (no old players, everyone being mid-early 20's). Yeah he has signed players as stop-gaps to help stay competitive (Miller/Vrbata/Eriksson), but that's to help slowly transition the youth instead of pressuring them into spots like the Oilers have. He is slowly building a core with what he is given. If we pick Tkatchuk and he doesn't do well, people complain about not picking Juolevi, it works both ways, you can't please everyone. We needed Elite defense prospects, we have that now. The draft is all about taking risks, easy to use hindsight to judge, especially after only a few games (Nichuskin vs. Horvat). I agree Jake should be playing more, but there is no way he has earned his ice being the floater he has been this year, the lack of effort and effectiveness may not have been predicted by management, who are giving him a chance to shine at this level but he isn't pulling through, so sending him down until he's earned it would be the right move, but I'm sure they have a plan. Willie is the only one I'm really concerned about, I feel like, although we are in a "development stage", he isn't getting the full potential out of our players offensively with whatever system is being utilized, but it seems like his days are numbered anyways so not that much of a concern. BELIEVE in Linden and Benning, this is the best prospect pool we've ever had, our future is slowly becoming bright, a few more bad years and we'll have the couple elite/franchise prospects that we are missing supported by our core of young players we have already been developing to become great again. We may not agree with all their moves (I haven't), but just because they have a different strategy doesn't mean it's the wrong move. 1 + 4 = 5 but so does 2 + 3. GO CANUCKS!
  13. Anyone else feel he should be placed back on left wing? Seems like that is his natural position and we should let him grow where he is comfortable, he was way more successful on the off-wing. We should try him in Ovi's spot on the PP.. since nothing seems to be working lol..
  14. "how many passes can we get off with 5 seconds left while we're down by 1"
  15. probably gonna bench him more for saying that lol