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  1. Personally, I would like the Canucks to walk away from Fanta and rotate Olli and Jordie on the bottom pairing LHD throughout the season.
  2. I think he's more of an Edler replacement. Seems like he's being groomed to take the same type of minutes that he's playing right now.
  3. Compliance buyouts are used to help get rid of players that hold no or negative value, not players who have value that can be traded for other assets.
  4. Just going to remind everyone of what RJ had to say about OJ not too long ago. He's not far off and he definitely has the highest ceiling of all of our d prospects. Elite hockey sense is not thrown around regularly. He just needs to stay healthy. Also, no to trading Olli, I'd say there's a higher potential reward of him just panning out.
  5. Lol at the Myers suggestions he's played well.
  6. MrCanuck94

    COD: Warzone

    For sure the best COD in a long time. Really enjoy the multiplayer and BR so far, have yet to try campaign but I heard the story is very good.
  7. Anyone who watches Woo quite a bit know what his timeline to the NHL could be like?
  8. Especially if the cap is going to stagnate or go down, we might have to load up some spots with rookies.
  9. I would disagree with that. In Benning's terminology, I would call Motte a foundational piece in the bottom 6. He provides consistency in energy and drive that we need to make us hard to play against. Adding Macewen to that fourth line next season will make it quite scary, unless they decide to keep Virtanen there.
  10. To be fair, I want to give Benn a longer stretch of games to see how he fairs once he's fully adjusted to a new team. Also yes, Myers is a second pair d man on a good team. As I mentioned in his thread, he's been good defensively and his offence has stepped up considerably during the second half of this season.
  11. Actually, not at all. Those players aren't in the lineup on good teams. I liked Fanta to begin but he is proving to be what we originally thought of him, a 7th dman. 7th dmen to me have good spurts of play but it deteriorates over a long stretch of games, a prime example being Alex Biega. I am pretty surprised that Benn hasn't gotten in over Fanta with his brutal stretch of games lately.
  12. Just looking at Myers' stats through, from the beginning of the season until December, in 27 games Myers had 4 points. From December till now Myers has 16 points in 37 games. Guess he just needed some time to adjust. His defensive game has been better than I expected and his puck moving ability brings a different element to our back end, alongside Quinn. I'd say he's also a big reason Tanev has been as healthy as he has been this season compared to previous seasons because of the hard minutes that are now shared.
  13. Myers has been our best right handed d man, how are we "stuck" with him? And no, that isn't a shot at our defence, he's actually been good.
  14. Wouldn't say Winnipeg is better, but add Edmonton and Pittsburgh to that list for sure.
  15. The main reason we didn't keep Baertschi up was because there was no room for him on PP2. We've been playing Roussel on PP2 for almost the whole season now it seems for some reason.. maybe it's time to bring Baertschi back.