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  1. Olli Juolevi | D

    Love that we got Hughes to take the pressure off of Juolevi, we got our offensive stud in Hughes and our 2-way stud in Juolevi!
  2. Quinn Hughes | D

    Benning is super excited in the post-pick interview, and so am I, awesome pick! LETS GO
  3. Reason for optimism/create your 2018/19 Nucks powerplay

    Our PP was 9th in the NHL.
  4. ( discussion ) Granlund should be our 2nd line Centre!

    Alf, just because he's our second C in terms of ice time doesn't make him our 2C. Green rolls 1 shutdown line along with three scoring lines. We still need to find a 2C scorer.
  5. ( discussion ) Granlund should be our 2nd line Centre!

    I understand your thinking but I will say that isn't so. Skill level does rise but face-off skill is solely based off the player. A team's 4C can be better than the 1C at face-offs for example. Many top players aren't great at faceoffs (McDavid 41.4% and Malkin at 43.7% last season). It is easy to accept their poor faceoff numbers when they have the ability to put good numbers up, but that isn't the case with Granny, so I do not think he is a viable option for any of our C positions. Also, Bonino had 47.4% with us, which is decent.
  6. Benning or McPhee

    Anyone with a long-term vision can see the great work Jim is doing. Yes he's made a few mistakes, which GM doesn't, but he's learning from them. In a couple of years we'll see Jim's plan slowly come to life and I hope he is still around to see it through.
  7. [Rumour] Canucks interested in Hanifin

    So surprised at this poll from earlier. If I'm the GM, you take that deal and run.
  8. [Signing] Canucks sign F Lukas Jasek
  9. Both. Best leader on the team gets the captaincy over best player (Linden-Bure, Toews-Kane, etc). If we get lucky enough to draft a high-end talent, I highly doubt it would affect our decision to make Bo captain. Same goes for Pettersson and Boeser as they are expected to be better offensive players than Bo. Even if we draft a high-end talent with leadership qualities, I doubt there would ever be talks to strip Bo of the C, he's a born leader, the other player(s) can have the A.
  10. Message from the top

    Not sure how others feel but I enjoy 650. Seems like good hockey talk, good people and also has a few ex-NHLers on there. Totally agree on 1040. As you said, constructive criticism is okay but the constant negativity, always stirring the pot and getting personal is just out of line.
  11. Message from the top

    Wow 1040 guys manage to make anything negative.
  12. Message from the top

    Wanted to post this since he takes a lot of heat here. Nice of him to start interacting with the fans and to see everyone is on the same page.
  13. [PGT] Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I am so impressed with Sautner. Jake and Goldy, if this is any indication of the future, let's goooooo