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  1. Predictions if said player plays all 82 games (not all will, but, if they make the team/dont get injured, what I think they'd be on pace for (goals / points): Eriksson 35 / 65 points D Sedin 25 / 70 points H Sedin 12 / 70 points Horvat 20 / 50 points Baerstchi 20 / 50 points Rodin 18 / 40 points Sutter 18 / 42 points Hansen 16 / 36 points Etem 15 / 35 points Virtanen 15 / 36 points Burrows 8 / 28 points Granlund 10 / 30 points Dorsett 6 / 22 points Edler 8 / 35 points Tanev 5 / 20 points Gudbranson 4 / 18 points Hutton 6 / 42 points Tryamkin 5 / 15 points Larsen 5 / 25 points Sbisa 3 / 12 points Stetcher 5 / 20 points Subban 5 / 20 points Markstrom .920% / 2.5 GAA Miller .912% / 2.75 GAA yes I'm expecting an unexpected big year from all our youngins
  2. how about.. TO VAN: Duchene and Barrie TO COL: Tanev + Sutter + Virtanen + 2017 2nd Duchene = Tanev + 2017 2nd Barrie = Sutter + Virtanen Sedin - Sedin - Erikkson (LW via trade) - Duchene - Hansen Baertschi - Horvat - Etem Granlund - Gaunce - Dorsett Edler - Barrie Hutton - Gudbrandson Tryamkin - Larsen Markstrom Miller Does it work value wise?
  3. 40 points next year.. on the Canucks
  4. Yes, let's trade a young top-pairing shut-down d-man in Tanev who's gonna be in his prime when we're ready to compete again for some prospects who we have to hope develop to be as good as him... Desi and Alflives are the worst at making up JB negativity, with things that he doesn't even say or think lmao. Now I see why you guys are on everyone's ignore list. Give it a few years, TL and JB will get us back to the top and create a dynasty.
  5. Start now, shave when we win the cup.
  6. Your post irrational. The rebuild began in 2014 when they got hired. Have patience. Edler - Tanev Hamhuis - Weber Sbisa - Bartkowski with Fedun and Biega as call-ups Luckily we strengthened our D with the emergence of Hutton which allowed us to surpass injuries as well. Now they're slowly incorporating youth and developing.. not hard to figure out. Yeah let's go into the start of the season stating this is a rebuild season and put the boys down from the start. Also, you didn't watch the THM did you? Linden said, every year no matter what the goal is the playoffs, he's keeping a competitive and hard-working culture. Let's not forget, if it weren't for the injuries, we may have well been in the race right now.
  7. I guess Linden and Benning literally laying out what the deals they had were and why they didn't go through step by step didn't help some of you.. but hey they don't work hard enough and are controlled by the owner right? Everyone wanted a GM that makes bold decisions and he's making them, and for everyone that is so anal about asset management (that they would be so much better at handling), the only thing that matters is working towards 22 players we need 4 years from now when we are finally contenders, losing a pick here and there is irrelevant. Seriously how many times does Benning have to explain himself? I am one who thinks Shinkaruk would develop into a top 6 forward, but if Benning feels that he won't, he got a solid 2/3 line player for him. For all we know, 5 years from now, Shinky could end up being another Schroeder/Hodgson and we look back and see how much of a genius he is. Even if he becomes a top 6 for Calgary, boohoo, you win some and you lose some (aka Baer). Not even gonna start on contracts, we don't have to worry about the cap while we have a rebuilding team with all these ELC's coming in, so why waste a breath on money that isn't even concerning us. When we're contending and tight against the cap and feel like someone got a bad contract? Sure go for it. Look at how much change we've gone through, I only expected having two rookies on the team this year, but look, they recognize problems and made the bold moves necessary. Can we all just support our team and be less of a pain than the media is for once. Benning and Linden will find some diamonds in the rough and put this team over the top in the next few years, just have faith. Believe in the management. Go Nucks.
  8. Yeah, I feel like the games were better when it was simple too. Really don't like all this flying around stuff going on either. Blops 3 zombies looks promising though!
  9. Anaheim's defence > ours LA's forwards > ours optimism is nice but we gotta face reality
  10. Really? Where? He'll get every chance to impress, the Kassian trade made sure of it!
  11. two thirds isn't bad
  12. to think, two years ago we had Lu, Schneids and Lack as our top 3 all we have left for those three is Horvat, Markstrom, a 3rd and 7th.. *sigh*
  13. No he's not, he's a legit 2nd liner. Compared on our team he would've been 4th in points last year in what is considered a down year. He's a solid powerforward, something we're hoping Kassian can be
  14. so why don't you tell us who from this list is gonna become a #1 dman if its so easy? its not an easy pick unless its a top 10 and even those don't workout sometimes btw we drafted a solid #2 with #1 potential in the third round in Edler and signed a solid #2 in Tanev (don't think anyone predicted him to be this good) so yeah, hindsight is 20/20