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  1. It's not a weaker than average draft, it doesn't have the one or two franchise players the last few drafts have spoiled the NHL with. Lot of great players available in the first round here.
  2. Hahaha where are you pulling this out of? Management hasn't once done one thing that they didn't say that they were gonna do. They tried to rebuild on the fly and stay competitive to give the 2011 core a last shot at the cup before calling it quits (hence Erikkson/Vrbata/Miller). Benning has even said during the Hansen trade press conference that that plan is done and now we're building for the future (hence the trades). I don't understand the fans who want management to literally hand feed them every little bit of info about what they're gonna do, they have a plan, you don't have to agree with it, just understand one plan isn't always the right plan. I agree rebuilding on the fly maybe wasn't the best idea, but I can understand why they did it (out of respect to the twins/burr/hansen). On Linden, he is super professional so let's not even get to that point, it's so easy to rag on from this side but watching what you say in a Vancouver hockey market where everything is nitt picked and turned sideways is hard, and Trevor does an amazing job at it. If you think he isn't trying to make every right decision to make this team win a cup, you're wrong, this guy bleeds blue and green. Also, why the whole frenzy over him not using the rebuild word? Does he really have to say a word for everyone to know we're rebuilding now? Lastly, it's just a tweet, let it be. As long as Aquaman isn't stopping any major moves that will help long term, you gotta respect the owner to have some input on what's happening with the team, as with any business. Let's just rid the negativity and all support the rebuilding phase that's coming forth, it's gonna be rough, but we'll make it through! GO NUCKS!
  3. Tbh I don't think Tryamkin is a "me first" kind of guy, he always cared about the team and his teammates I guess it comes down Russia being able to give him something we couldn't, being able to play more games and make more money in your own country with the ice time you desire. And you never know, he's also married now, family can be a big influence.
  4. I'm stumped reading the part where he was thinking of leaving when he sat for ten straight games but couldn't due to contract and not enjoying his lack of ice time.. Willie is #notmycoach but I do believe in not feeling entitled, but due to the situation and the caliber of a player present, do you just give him what he wants or just end up in a situation like this?
  5. I'm speechless I LOVE TREE I can't even believe this... I'm emotionally hurt Heartbroken mates... Why does our organization get all this crap luck
  6. all our first round draft pick threads, I wanna go see propect updates, not people crying over "we shoulda drafted ______zzz"
  7. agree there, hope it turns around soon.
  8. lmao. Watch the video below from 7:30, he was patient and gave the old core their last shot. We're rebuilding now. Also, lose the hindsight lol, he made one pick that can be considered bad (Jake still has time to turn it around), other than that his drafting has been spectacular.
  9. actually yes, I think a new coach will, it can't be a coincidence that so many veterans have down years with Willie's boring defensive style of hockey with poor pp structure. guys like Vrbata and Erikkson are the furthest from washed up, and if our kids are doing this well right now, can't wait to see how they'll do with a better system and being surrounded by better players in the future.
  10. you're out of the playoff picture and your GM said he wants to see the kids play.. put out Boeser, Baertschi and someone else like Boucher and see what kids have the poise to come in clutch when it matters
  11. I just don't get the reasoning for keeping out the twins and Sutter for the full last few mins, seasons done, let the kids play and the veterans rest?... maybe I'm just anti-Willie
  12. I swear to god if Willie benches Brock......
  13. I love Tryamkin
  14. to answer your question.. doubt Tkatchuk makes that much of an offensive impact on our low offensive team, probably would get scratched and sent down after his first goal cause of Willie lol and I disagree, Juolevi isn't redundant, his playing style is unique and he's got the highest ceiling and the highest IQ out of all our D men happy with our pick