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  1. Rocket League [PC/PS4]

    It's an awesome game. Didn't realize it when I played Super Sonic ultra battle cars a while ago. RL is awesome.
  2. Happy Birthday, Brock Boeser!

    Happy birthday Brock. Light up more than your birthday candles this year. :D
  3. Martin Brodeur

    Hmm. Getting old I guess my bad. Thanks for fixing.
  4. Martin Brodeur

    Well. Maybe he felt he didn't want any extra attention since he has already done a damn good job in his career regardless how good the team was in front of him that time. True fans should already know how good he was rather than what he did in his final moment. I would have loved that he stayed in NJ. I don't know why he left. Regardless he did a damn good job and that's what I remember most about my favourite nhl player. His empty net goals was awesome to watch as a kid without the no goalie zone. His Calder, Stanley Cup, Vezina, etc were accomplishments for sure and I'll remember him for holding many records as well. Hasek was an awesome goalie, never won a cup, but I'll remember him as a pretty damn good one too. Not to the same level as Brodeur. Wish him and his family the best. It's because of you Martin, that I loved watching hockey as a kid and began taking interest in playing a goaltender with my friends behind Safeway playing road hockey and those good ol pads with one net and the other net made out of Safeway plastic crates. Good times. I remember him for many good things which he did indirectly as well. Role model. As long as he was happy with his overall career. It's not a big deal that he played for another team.
  5. Jannik Hansen Appreciation/Memories Thread

    Hansen. You've finally got the respect you've deserved. You've come a long way. You're an awesome role model for people in general. Loved you since the start. Your work ethic and dedication, unselfishness, jokes, but most of all being a tremendous professional and mature attitude towards Tortorella by scoring a hat trick as payback. Karma. For anyone to yell at Hansen like that I have the least respect. Jannik, you you're badgering the honey outta my eyes. :'( Please come back to play for us again. You too truly gave your heart for our team. You really cared. Wish you and your family the best.
  6. [PGT] Flyers @ Canucks

    Curious. Has Hutton been sick? Or does he seem a bit sad in the post game interview? Perhaps trade upcoming who knows. Or there's something going on with the team.
  7. [PGT] Flyers @ Canucks

    Nice one 1-d. You made my day. Sadly. I've been waiting for him to show a lot more effort. Ah, he's still practicing on the ice? Mystery solved. Still supporting him and hope he figures it out next year if not this one if he's still here, most likely he is.
  8. Back to back vs Flames. Within points away from each other for a wildcard spot. Playoffs like atmosphere. Ferland vs Tryamkin. Hopefully shuts him up. Baertschi and Granlund. Horvat hates Calgary. Sounds fun.