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  1. Gotta say it was an awesome game with high emotions in a LONG while. I always have loved Hansen. His speed, his hard work, grit, and his ability to score goals has vastly improved compared to the past. Goes to show how long it took for him to develop though. Patience is important with youngins like Virtanen Horvat, Baertschi, Juolevi etc. As much as I don't like seeing Hansen on the IR, I'm glad he stood up for his teammates. Always knew he was that type of player as he always pushed back in the past rather than just do nothing. I'm so GLAD that he was playing with the Sedins at the time Daniel got hit, because if Eriksson was there, I doubt we would have witnessed anybody sticking up for Daniel. I Respect Hansen on a whole different level. Learn from this Jake and Horvat. We will need you''ll when the going gets tough. Don't let Guddy do it by himself next time. The whole team needs to be involved. Not just a few guys. Can they hand out suspensions to all players at the same time in a game?
  2. Canucks win 3-1 1st goal of the season by Sven Baertschi. Make some noise!..
  3. Happy Birthday Jake. Hope to see more beautiful snipes from you.
  4. My first attempt at this.
  5. Flames are getting tons of motivation from their home crowd which is exceptionally LOUD. That's how fans support their team every moment of the game, not like ours who seem to choose to support only when we do something good.
  6. Very entertaining game. I'm not going to comment on the end game fireworks. Seems like most have covered that part. Loved the move by Horvat earlier on to go by a flame and up the ice with tremendous speed and get a shot away. Looked like he took it up a gear. Did not think he would be that fast. Edler with good hits and defensively sound. Made players afraid to retrieve pucks. Our team was coming at them hard in the 1st, which made their players think twice. Bonino had a good game, so did the Sedins, Burrows was ok. He had an awesome 1st game. Higgins was decent, good thing he scored, i thought it was another goalpost.. Vrbata seemed to be trying hard. He threw some hits too. Kudos to Dorsett and Kenins. It's not easy doing what they do. Richardson is a core piece i think. He really cares about the team. Matthias played better. He actually threw some hits today. Horvat just keeps getting better. Hansen is a core piece too i think. Wish he converted on that pass by Horvat, i think he didn't expect it. He had a good game. Edler and Tanev, pure beauties. Saw Tanev throw some hits too. Edler is a rock. Bieksa played good, besides from a few turnovers. Sbisa threw some big hits too. Kept them in check. Weber seemed the weaker link on D, but not too bad. His shot that went off the post was close. Hamhuis played well. Didn't let defenders go around him. Lack played well enough for the win. That save on Gaudreau was good. Nice to see some fight back from Lack and not back down. But smart enough to stay cool and focus on the game not taking meaningless penalties. No 2 on 1's or breakaways. with the exception when Henrik turned it over. Overall Good team game with lots of rushes intercepted and tons of stick checks/hits. Thankful Vey wasn't playing this one. Imagine if Vey was on the ice instead of Richardson at the end... Richardson deserves a lot of credit. He does a lot of things right.
  7. Happy Belated Birthday Trev and Burr. Appreciate all you guys have done. Keep on Winning. Great Character players/teammates.
  8. If anyone is going to the game tomorrow and a possible Kings/Canucks playoff matchup were to happen, maybe you'll could get a chant going For eg; Queens Suck Diiiiivers. Etc. Including Canuck support chants as well. The team needs you, it's not the other way around.
  9. Curious. Anyone know how a PP would work in this situation? 3 on 2, or 4 on 3? or 3 on 3 with the penalized player in the box not being able to participate in OT.