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  1. Anton Rodin was drafted in 2010 and was the MVP of the Swedish Elite League last year. He could be one of those Huttonesque diamonds in the rough for this year. I can't believe how many people aren't including him in their lineups at all.
  2. I'm positive it's Daniel... Either way, it doesn't matter... They look close enough alike that the point is made.
  3. No question mark needed... It's satire.
  4. I made this video in honor of the low life Daniel Sedin. New meme? (I dunno how to embed, if anyone wants to, go for it.)
  5. Looking to join an active club on XBOX One. I've been playing since NHL '93 and can play any position. I'm also online a lot since I'm off work. Add me. c0nser.
  6. Yea... He's always on.... No response.
  7. Yea.. Clowe disappeared for me, too... ??? Did he show up on someone else's roster? Wtf?
  8. Yea... I love Hiller... I was shopping him, but, Calgary took Markstrom in the Giordano trade... I can't wait to play... Hurrrrryyyyy.
  9. Glad Huberdeau went up like he did for you... I had to make that trade without the certainty of his upgrade. Thornton is my typ of player for playing, though... Good trade for both of us.
  10. My team is a tiny bit better than last year... Some people have snickered at my "questionable" trades, but, tell me that this team is worse than Florida from last year. T. Ruutu (85) Thornton (90) R. Callahan (87) Mueller (82) Peverley (82) Clowe (82) Latendresse (81) Goc (81) Miettinen (80) Upshall (79) Moore (79) D'agostini (78) Scratched: Caron (78), Butler (78) Giordano (85) Boychuk (85) Mcquaid (82) Robak (80) Hejda (82) Jovo (80) Scratched: some dudes around 78-79 I got in trades. Hiller (85) Who cares (not high) Plus I have a few high offers in free agency, so, I'm pretty sure it'll be slightly better than this.
  11. What will the sim intervals be like for the offseason?
  12. So, cool story... It takes 3 days and two sims to play Carolina who's been online and I've been messaging him. We finally play. Good game. He's up 2-1 with 40 seconds in the 3rd. I score after forechecking him trying to play keep away. He wins the next face off. Goes to his zone, skates around a bit to kill some time. I bring everybody on the forecheck, poke, shoot loose puck. rebound. goalie down. Scores! With 1.4 seconds to go! I get a rush... Game pauses... "You lost connection to other player"... Anger... Karangil asks me to join a party. I join. I say "duuude," he says (in a what the frack are you gonna do about it manner), "you lagged out" I never ask for people to be kicked, but, that's just some bad human behaviour and I really feel sorry for anyone in his real life who's forced to love him because he's family or they had his ugly baby. Needless to say, I don't want to play him again for the win. Blech.
  13. I wish people would at least respond. I'm only able to play certain times. Carolina, you clearly got my messages when you got online. Have some courtesy.
  14. Servers down for anyone else?