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  1. back in the play offs that punk canucklelion siad bieksa never touched marleau in that fight just proves how blind he is and all that bieksa brings to this team.
  2. your point is irrelevant.
  3. i was thinking the same thing.
  4. great read take that canucklelion +1 thumbs up
  5. this must be your favorite hobby in the world putting bieksa down give him a break already no doubt about it hamhuis makes him better but it works in vice-versa.
  6. still ranting on bieksa get over yourself he could have got 5.5m on the open market.
  7. has their ever been a positive post by canucklelion this guy is a clown he has far succeded to being something that hasnt been discovered. stop kiding yourself you must be a flame fan.
  8. interesting stat bieksa leads the canucks with a 22.7 shooting percentage next player is torres at 17.6 percentage. 4 of bieksa,s 5 goal,s have tied or won the game resulting in 1 game we have lost when he score,s fact of the matter is bieksa has been clutch.
  9. as long as the puck get,s safely to point 'B' from point'A' you shouldnt down size the fact of the matter is bieksa still got kesler the puck so grow up and get your head out of your ass chump.
  10. lets see how well bieksa can play with out hamhuis im guessing he will still be dominant.
  11. hamhuis no doubt about is an excellent pker but so is bieksa.wake up canuckelion when will you stop and just admit that you are wrong and bieksa is a gifted shut down defender.hopefully he bring,s back his offensive flair he has shown this play-off,s to a consistent season next year.
  12. wow excellent choice of words you should come up with a name to describe your statement,s. how about jackass.
  13. the canucks very aggressive pk could expose that slow ass chara in front of the bad turnover and its a break the other way and i believe chara was only a net presence in a couple of games in the tampa bay series.
  14. Canucklelion deep down most feel like a complete utterly fool forever doubting bieksa,s sick set of skill,s.
  15. boggles my mind why burrow,s isnt getting short handed tallies in the post season.havnt got to see his super clutch back hander either.