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  1. Well, apparently you and the Smithsonian Institute are at odds. "...much of the bible, in particular the historical books of the Old Testament, are as accurate historical documents as any that we have from antiquity and in fact more accurate than many of the Egyptian, Mesopotamian or Greeek histories." I'm going to go with the Smithsonian on this one.
  2. I think you misunderstand me. I don't mean that it was easy and there was a clear path, but I do mean that he always had a plan for them, and always opened the way for them to get to the promised land. He parted water for them, broke down walls for them, and brought them to the promised land. He told them to cleanse the land (sounds brutal, I know, but it's the OT), and they didn't. They intermingled with the people living there, and have been living those consequences ever since. I've read my Bible, thanks very much. We may have different opinions, but snide remarks aren't necessary.
  3. Hi everyone, I apologize for having to add another post to the mix, as I have seen these kind of questions asked before, but didn't really know if there was a place with all of this information amalgamated into one post. I attended my first Canucks game back in 2009 (7-1 routing of the Montreal Canadians) with my Dad, but didn't really take in any of the "extra-curricular" stuff. I'm attending the home-opener on October 10th (thanks to Save On Foods offering cheap/free Canucks Tickets in exchange for points!), and will likely not get the chance to attend another game for at least the forseeable future. In fact, with a potential move to Alberta next year, I might not get to see them here again for a VERY long time. That said, I'd like to make the most of it. Ideally, I'd like to get my Jersey signed, shake a few hands, watch warm up taking place, and generally maximize my experience there. The only thing I know that I won't be doing is purchasing food or drinks there, as I can't afford to pay for one beer what I can get 6 of them for (or 4 if you prefer decent imports ). So, could someone please tell me the best way to go about those things? I'm thinking best place to park, best time to arrive, when and where to be for the best chance to meet players, when and where to be for the best chance at getting an autograph, any rules/things to know about watching warm-up, and just generally the best way to maximize ones experience. Any tips you can provide would be most helpful. Stay classy CDC, stay classy. Dan
  4. This country is owned by Israel because the Conservative Government is so in love with Israel that it basically gave them it's Letterman jacket. Stephen Harper has said, and shown, time and time again that he will unabashedly support Israel in everything that they do. It's got obvious religious connotations and overtones, because of his personal beliefs and because of the beliefs of those that make up the VAST majority of his voting base. I have talked to people personally who say that his stance on Israel is their primary reason for voting him in. A Christian myself, I can hardly understand how any religious connotations can exempt a country from the consequences of their present day actions. If God wanted them to have that land, he'd do what he did in the Bible and give it to them on a silver-freaking-platter.
  5. Did you catch that subtle dig he made in the mic'd up video? Talking to Winnepegs goalie saying "You're so lucky tonight" and then pretending to be nice by saying "you alright there?". Lol, I love his sass.