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  1. BC Lions

    A healthy Lulay, is a very dangerous Lulay. He's one of the best when hes got his full health. Over 100 yards rushing yesterday, That was very impressive. Great win for the Lions yesterday.
  2. BC Lions

    Incredible comeback by the Lions tonight. Can't believe all of the fans that left. It ain't over till it's over. It got so loud towards the end. What an awesome game to be at.
  3. [Signing] Red Wings sign Mike Green

    Perfect fit for the Red Wings.
  4. [Trade] Zack Kassian to Canadiens

    The overvaluing of players in this market continues. It wasn't going to work out here in Vancouver for Kassian. Time too move on.
  5. [Trade] VAN Kevin Bieksa to ANA (v2)

    Tough too see Juice leave after what he's done both on the ice and off. Was always a fan favorite. Definitely going to be different not seeing juice on this team. Good luck in Anaheim.
  6. [Poll] Which free agent dman should the Canucks get?

    Matt Irwin would be nice.
  7. [Poll] Possible Candidates for the "A"?

    Hamhuis for sure.
  8. Pat Quinn should be in the HHOF

    Most likely the builders category.
  9. [Signing] Vey --> Canucks

    Not bad contract for Vey. Hopefully he can build of last season. He did score 10 goals and have 24 points as a rookie which isn't too bad. Hopefully he works on his skating speed and overall strength.
  10. Fire Benning

    LOL this didn't take long at all.

    Obviously the goalie market wasn't as good as the reporters were saying. I'm sure the management group tried their hardest in getting a 2nd. Just wasn't gunna work out. Glad the deal is over with.
  12. [Signing] Bruins re-sign Adam McQuaid

    I understand that. But with all the dealing they've done so far today, I'm sure they could of freed up the required space too sign him.
  13. [Signing] Bruins re-sign Adam McQuaid

    So for another 3 million they could of resigned Hamilton. Wow
  14. Hamilton to CAL [trade]

    Wow! if it's just for picks, Boston got fleeced
  15. Hamilton to CAL [trade]