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  1. @patersonjeff: Jensen, Cassels & Cannata no longer on #Canucks roster http://t.co/L7jLReVaIY
  2. Got to think they are going to find someone to trade with before training camp starts. Don't want that being a distraction
  3. Does he want to play in the CHL next year?
  4. Does he plan on staying in Russia next year or coming over to play in the CHL? Or is he under contract with a team in Russia?
  5. I could see the Panthers wanting some veteran help they have a lot of young players. Maybe Vrbata would want to play with Jagr.
  6. How do u know they want him have they said it in an interview?
  7. So is it realistic to say Lack is either goIng to be resigned or traded by the deadline? Sounds like Benning does not want to take the risk of him walking next year so something has to get done soon.
  8. @SportsnetSpec: BREAKING: B.U. Goalie Matt O'Connor goes to the OTTAWA SENATORS
  9. @SportsnetSpec: Ottawa good with goalie development, but have plenty in Anderson, Lehner, Hammond, and 6-4 Swede Marcus Hogberg also in system
  10. @SportsnetSpec: GTing coach Benoit Allaire a draw in NYR, though five years remaining on Lundqvist deal can't entice O'Connor.
  11. @SportsnetSpec: O'Connor and agent @uptownhockey expect an AHL start next season for young goalie. VAN would likely move Markstrom, if they land him.
  12. @SportsnetSpec: Early returns on Matt O'Connor, hearing EDM not expecting to be team he chooses. Might have used up lottery luck, hmm?
  13. How do u know it is down to the Canucks and Rangers? Where is the source?
  14. Exactly!!! If their play drops off their is bound to be a team that would trade for them. I doubt Dorsett plays all 4 years of his contract here.
  15. So does Clendening stay in the AHL or does he play for the Nucks and if so who gets moved to make room for him?