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  1. @patersonjeff: Jensen, Cassels & Cannata no longer on #Canucks roster http://t.co/L7jLReVaIY
  2. Does he want to play in the CHL next year?
  3. Does he plan on staying in Russia next year or coming over to play in the CHL? Or is he under contract with a team in Russia?
  4. Exactly!!! If their play drops off their is bound to be a team that would trade for them. I doubt Dorsett plays all 4 years of his contract here.
  5. So does Clendening stay in the AHL or does he play for the Nucks and if so who gets moved to make room for him?
  6. So is this his last year at University or because he was suspended does he have 1 more year?
  7. Anyone know the reason why he is off to a slow start points wise?
  8. Ben Hutton is missing
  9. Yeah that would be great so we can see it right away when we click in here.
  10. Any word on if he is going to sign with the Canucks soon?
  11. Does anyone know if he is going to sign with The Canucks once his season is over?
  12. Does not mean they have lost him yet. I thought the Canucks had 1 more year to sign him before he becomes a free agent?
  13. Just found an article on Elite Prospects that says the Canucks want Andersson to come over and play in North America next year. Here is the article in Swedish, basically says he is done with his Swedish team and will play in the Canucks system for the 2012/13 season. http://www.orebrohockey.se/Nyheter/2012/maj/Peter-Andersson-B-lamnar-OHK/
  14. I know he is in the young stars tournament but can he join the Canucks main camp without a contract?
  15. He got a goal and an assist tonight! So in 4 games he got 5 goals and 3 assists and is a +1